2011, YIZUMI acquired all HPM intellectual properties, global supply system, global customer resources and set up HPM North America Corporation to provide products and technical service of injection molding machine, die casting machine in North American market.

HPM Company was incorporated in 1877. As a famous machinery manufacturer of high quality injection molding machine, die casting machine, plastic sheet extrusion lines, hydraulic machine etc., HPM owns 200 technical patents, and once ranked second in American die casting industry.

U.S. Ohio Factory & Technical Center

2015, HPM purchased a 28,000 ㎡ new land and factory in  Morrow County, Ohio, American. 2017, HPM new factory was put into operation. The same year, HPM was renamed as the YIZUMI-HPM Corporation. It is hoped that YIZUMI will bring more energy to the traditional and famous brand HPM with its creative technologies and good service, to increase customer’s confidence in North American.

For more details, please visit HPM website HPM Website

    YIZUMI Germany Company

    Located in Aachen, YIZUMI Germany Company set up Germany Aachen R&D Center and Technical Center. The company is close to RWTH Aachen University, focusing on additive manufacturing, special application of polymer processing and R&D of other application processes; sales and technical customer services for injection molding machine, die casting machine, Thixomolding, rubber injection machine, SpaceA 3D printing, etc.

    Built up European R&D Team

    To better drive technologies, products upgrading, YIZUMI Germany Company has organized excellent team consist of several senior European engineers  and sales.

      YIZUMI Indian Company

      Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India, YIZUMI Indian Company occupies an area of 8775㎡. It was put into production in June, 2017. Integrating production, sales and service, YIZUMI Indian Company has realized local product manufacturing. Now, a professional team has been built up and  the achievement 100 units machines success delivery was achieved after the first year production.

        YIZUMI Vietnam Company

        YIZUMI Vietnam Company was launched in May, 2019. The company has set a technical center, which main business is injection molding, die casting machines and their spare parts sales, product display and technical service, providing quick and convenient sale and after-sales service for the local customers. With the success operation of YIZYMI Vietnam Company, YIZUMI will further develop Vietnam market, to provide better product and after-sales service for the local customers.

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