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DM H Series GenII

Introduction :

New,integrated Machine Design

The YIZUMI R&D team, in collaboration with our European experts, have introduced innovations with a clear focus on improved injection capability and performance.

The result is an upgrade-package providing significantly increased shot control precision and a high injection repeatability. These technological improvements strongly facilitate our customer`s high performance manufacturing capability allowing them to successfully compete.


1. High precision & repeatable switch-over to fast filling phase.

2. Top Injection Capabiltiy.

3. Fast Pressure Build-up time for critical components.

4. Technology Data Management & Calculation.

Solution : Die casting linear robotic systems 4#series

Introduction :

Through extensive in-house R&D activities the YIZUMI Automation team established a new, efficient set of peripherals to significantly increase the productivity of our die casting solutions for our customers. Our new and advanced automatic linear robotic series can be flexibly adapted to any die casting machine.

Auto Ladler

Auto Sprayer

Auto Extractor

Highlight :

1. The unique five-point linkage design of our new ladling device offers high loading capacity, highest stability and very precise ladling of metal volume.

2. YIZUMI`s new spray system offers two types of patented spray heads (nozzle/copper tube). This allows to apply appropriate and flexible spray technology for standard as well as highly complex die cavities.

3. Our well-designed and stable automatic extractors offer efficient and fast extraction of die casting components from the die casting die. A flexible adaption to any die casting machine ensures to apply full automation to any die casting production.

Solution : Yizumi Co-robot vision guidance solution

Introduction :

Based on a 7-axis industrial collaborative robot, Yizumi independently developed a vision-system and completed the technology solution with the application of a  5-megapixel Hikvision industrial camera.

The YIZUMI machine-vision system offers advanced applications in the field of automatic visual detection, clamping, sorting as well as assembly. This advanced automation technology offers solutions for a large variety of industrial applications and automated intelligent production lines.

Highlight :

1. Features easy to use LabVIEW visual programming interface .

2. Allows multiple calibration methods. For projects that do not require ultra-high precision, wizard calibration can be used without calibration board.

3. Supports 90% of camera types available on the market, suitable for different robots and with various communication and interaction options.

Application Case:

Visually guided manipulation of aluminum alloy products:

Workpiece ①size: 56mm*56mm

Workpiece② size :D=84mm

Run-time: 40s for 3* workpiece① +3* workpiece②

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