• H Series  Precision Die Casting Machine


    A New Paradigm of Stability and Efficiency

    Suitable for various industries, including auto parts, 3C products, home appliances and electric tools
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  • Upgraded Slow Injection Control

    Changes the traditional control system and upgrades to stored energy device control, widening the scope of adjustment and making the slow-speed injection system process much more stable.

  • Non-contact Injection Stroke Detection

    Controlled by a non-contact magnetic scale, the injection stroke can be set directly, with the accuracy of position up to 0.1 mm. The position of quick start is accurate and stable.

  • Superior Injection System

    Yizumi's superior non-floating piston injection system has a low malfunction rate, with dry-cycle speed ≥ 8m/s, intensification pressure building time ≤15ms and slow-fast injection switching time ≤25ms.

  • Stable and Effective Toggle System

    According to the requirements of high-speed machines, the high-rigidity mold opening and closing mechanism is resistant to impacts and has a long lifespan. The extra fast clamping system is a standard feature which can achieve high-speed production.

  • Stable Electrical Control System

    The use of durable foreign branded electrical components and separate integration of the electrical and electronic systems effectively enhance the stability of the electrical circuit.

  • Precise Hydraulic Control System

    Multi-level electrically operated proportional pressure and flow control, as well as low-pressure mold protection is available.

  • Semi-closed-loop Injection Control System (Optional)

    The system allows direct setting of the speed and closed-loop control of injection speed. It has the function of automatic correction and enables the error to fall within an acceptable range through adjustments in one to three cycles.

  • Real-time Control System (Optional)

    Yizumi’s new generation of real-time control technology can achieve accurate closed-loop shot speed control, stable repeatability  high-speed injection end brake.

  • Higher Efficiency

    Fully upgraded  hydraulic system, optimized key components, and 15% to 20% shorter dry cycle time.

  • Higher Stability

    The design of critical structural components, such as platens, frame and rods are based on HPM’s design concepts and material standards, reinforcing the rigidity of the equipment and effectively extending the lifespan.

  • Lower Power Consumption

    Equipped with the third generation of Yizumi energy-saving servo system, the machine is 40 %-70% more energy-saving than traditional die casting machine. In addition, it delivers advantages including fast  response, wide range of speed adjustment, constant torque and accurate control.

  • Better Oil Temperature Control

    The cooling system has both better performance and higher specifications. Under comparable conditions, the oil operating temperature is reduced by 4℃-6℃, effectively improving the operational stability of the equipment and prolonging the lifespan of the hydraulic components.

  • Safer and More Reliable

    Safety devices  are standard on  the injection unit, clamping unit and other parts of the machine, which makes production safer.


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