• SM Series Servo Die Casting Machine


    More Energy-Saving for a Green Future

    Suitable for various industries, including auto parts, 3C products, home appliances and precision instruments
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  • DDC Differential Clamping Technology

    DDC differential clamping system is a standard feature for the whole product line. Fast  clamping and energy accumulation effectively shortens the production cycle and significantly raises the production output.

  • Superior Injection System

    Yizumi’s superior non-floating piston injection system has a low malfunction rate, with dry-cycle speed ≥ 8m/s, intensification pressure building time ≤15ms and slow-fast injection switching time ≤25ms.

  • Stable and Effective Toggle System

    Designed according to the standards of high-speed machines, three major platens and the high-rigidity mold opening and closing mechanism are resistant to impacts and have long lifespan. Scientific application of liquid nitrogen ensures the quality of fit and effectively reduces wear.

  • Energy-Saving Servo Control System

    Through the dual closed-loop control for flow rate and pressure, it quickly adjusts the rotational speed and torque of the machine so as to achieve continued accurate control of the flow and pressure output of the pump, effectively improving  the repeatability.

  • Stable Electrical Control System

    The use of durable foreign branded electrical components and separate integration of the electrical and electronic systems effectively enhance the stability of the electrical circuit.

  • Real-time Control System (Optional)

    Yizumi's new generation of real-time control technology can achieve accurate closed-loop shot speed control, stable repeatability  high-speed injection end brake.

  • Lower Power Consumption

    Thanks to Yizumi’s new generation of energy-saving servo technology, as well as the optimized hydraulic oil circuit and component assembly, the machine is 40%-70% more energy-saving than a traditional die casting machine.

  • Faster Response

    The fastest pressure change from 0 to 100% takes 30 ms, substantially increasing the production efficiency. Taking the Yizumi DM500 machine as an example, the original cycle time for manufacturing a certain product is 34s, but it is reduced to 31s with the use of the servo system.

  • Better Oil Temperature Control

    The use of cooling water is significantly reduced, even not needed in some situations. The operating temperature of the hydraulic oil is effectively lowered.

  • More Comfortable Working Environment

    Not working, the servo motor stops without any noise. The duration of general full-load operation is very short with lower noise of the equipment.


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