• DM-ARC Series Real-time Control Die Casting Machine

    A Perfect Choice of Intelligence and Reliability  

    Suitable for various industries, including high-end auto parts, complex communications and aerospace
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  • Smart Online Quality Control System

    Highly accurate injection profiles are displayed in real time. During the injection process, the injection profiles are automatically recorded and compared. If any unusual situation occurs, an alarm will be triggered timely, ensuring the quality consistency and stability of a large quantity of products.

  • Stable and Effective Toggle

    Designed according to the standards of HPM North America, three major platens and the high-rigidity mold opening and closing mechanism are resistant to impacts and have long lifespan. Scientific application of liquid nitrogen ensures the quality of fit and effectively reduces wear.

  • DDC Differential Clamping Technology

    DDC differential clamping system is a standard feature for the whole product line. Fast  clamping and energy accumulation effectively shortens the production cycle.

  • High-performance Injection System

    Uses high-response servo valves and closed-loop control for the whole process, achieving high reliability and high uniformity of the injection process.

  • Stable Electrical Control System

    The use of durable foreign branded electrical components and separate integration of the electrical and electronic systems effectively enhance the stability of the electrical circuit.

  • Superior Injection Performance

    Air shot speed ≥ 8m/s (6m/s for machines above 2500T), intensification pressure building time ≤ 15ms, slow-fast injection switching time ≤25ms (0.3m/s-5m/s), repeatability of injection speed ≤ 2%.

  • Precise Closed-Loop Control Technology

    More than 20 phases of speed can be defined by user. High-accuracy measurement of the injection position, speed and pressure and real-time closed-loop control are realized.

  • High-speed End Brake Function

    Multiple modes of deceleration are still available when the servo valve is under high speed. Reasonable reduction of pressure and speed can be realized during high-speed injection, effectively avoiding flashes, reducing impact and prolonging the mold life.


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