• DM Heavy Duty Series Die Casting Machine

    New Benchmark for Reliable Die Casting

    Suitable for various industries, including high-end auto parts, communications, rail transport and aerospace
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  • Non-contact Injection Stroke Detection

    Controlled by a non-contact magnetic scale, the injection stroke can be set directly. The position of quick start is accurate and stable.

  • DDC Differential Clamping Technology

    DDC differential clamping system is a standard feature for the whole product line. Fast  clamping and energy accumulation effectively shortens the production cycle and significantly raises the production output per shift.

  • Central Lubrication System

    The toggles are equipped with an automatic central lubrication system that allows separate adjustments of the lubrication interval and oil volume and has the function of remote under-pressure alarm. The system can improve the lifespan and reliability of the machine.

  • High-performance Hydraulic Control System

    The high-performance and energy-saving control system consisting of high-pressure and low-pressure pumps can increase productive benefit.

  • Stable Electrical Control System

    The use of durable foreign branded electrical components and separate integration of the electrical and electronic units in the electrical cabinet effectively enhance the stability of the electrical circuit.

  • Independent Energy Accumulation Systems

    The energy accumulation systems enable the pressure to be set for fast injection and intensification separately, with small mutual influence and high efficiency.

  • Smart Online Quality Control System

    Highly accurate injection profiles are displayed in real time. During the injection process, the injection profiles are automatically recorded and compared. If any unusual situation occurs, an alarm will be triggered timely, ensuring the quality consistency and stability of a large quantity of products.

  • Rigidity Reinforcement

    The design of critical structural components, such as platens, frame and rods are based on HPM’s design concepts and material standards, reinforcing the rigidity of the equipment and effectively extending the lifespan.

  • Easy Installation of Large Molds

    Automatic tie bar pulling is a standard feature that meets the need of installing larger molds.

  • Unique Design of Mold Adjustment System

    The die height adjusting nut is made of high-performance aluminum-bronze materials and a tie bar guiding device is added to the front of tail platen, greatly enhancing the stability and durability of the die height adjustment system.


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