• HM-H Series Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

    HM160H - HM280H

    High Performance and Operability

    Die cast parts are widely used in bath products
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  • Precise Electric Proportional Control System

    Pressure and flow are controlled by a proportional valve. Parameters are can be set on the screen. The control is fast and accurate.

  • Uniquely Designed Accumulators

    Beam-type high-capacity accumulators store energy fast and have strong power, so that the injection performance has small fluctuation and high stability.

  • Advanced Electric Heating System

    The advanced nozzle/gooseneck heating control system has the function of high and low temperature alarm and high stability.

  • Precise Hydraulic Control System

    The high-quality, low-noise and branded hydraulic pump  is fast and energy-saving.

  • Stable Electrical Control System

    The Siemens PLC control system combined with the high-end human-machine interface makes the operation convenient and flexible.

  • Higher Performance

    The injection system has three-phase control: slow injection, fast injection and intensification, which is suitable for producing high-quality castings.

  • Higher Strength

    Platens are made of quenched and tempered 45# steel with higher strength and rigidity, ensuring stability of the die cast parts.

  • Higher Efficiency

    The high-speed mold locking control coupled with independent large-capacity energy storage device effectively increases the productivity.


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