• H Series Heavy-duty Die Casting Machine

    Specially Customized for Global High-end Die-casting Part Manufacturers

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  • Injection system based on North American technology standards

    High performance – maximum air shot speed ≥ 8m/s, intensification pressure building time ≤ 20ms. Stable operation – non-contact injection stroke detection, accurate position for quick start.

    Fast response– the accumulator for fast intensification allows separate pressure setting and makes energy accumulation fast and highly effective.

  • Steady and smooth die height adjusting system

    It utilizes superior aluminium-bronze mold adjustment nuts, making the mold adjustment steady and smooth without getting stuck.

    The middle nut can be dismantled, so that the adjustment of platen parallelism is also both convenient and rapid.

  • Lubricating system with high specifications and precision

    Separate central lubrication system with high specifications guarantees the lubricating effect. It is very convenient to operate and maintain.

    High-strength steel pipes are used as lubricating oil pipes. Every lubricating oil circuit has a remote under-pressure alarm function.

  • Smart online quality control system

    Real-time display of highly accurate injection profiles, smart comparison and error alarm during injection process ensure the consistency of a huge volume of finished products.

  • Precise hydraulic control system

    An oil return control system is added for mold closing and opening, so that the movements are steady and smooth, ensuring long-lasting precision.

    The block-stacking type splitting core-pull design facilitates extension.

  • Distributed IO electrical control system

    The communications between the PLC and work station relies on profibus DP, which enhances the anti-interference capacity, ensures a lower voltage drop of the components and facilitates quick troubleshooting.

  • Real-time control system (optional)

    A new generation of real-time control technology can achieve accurate closed-loop injection speed control, stable and reliable repeatability and the function of high-speed injection end brake.  

  • Highly rigid clamping unit, preventing depression of platens and wear of toggles and significantly extending the lifespan ​

    Reinforced clamping unit: the surface of platens is covered with high-strength alloy steel to prevent depression.

    Fitted with steel bushes or copper bushes, all toggle holes are not easily to deform due to uniform stress distribution,effectively preventing wear and damage.

  • Durable and stable injection unit, ensuring high-precision and highly consistent injection

    The shot cylinder is designed with a lever-type structure, strengthening the overall strength and precision.

    Double position limit rods make the control of injection stroke more accurate.

    Innovative fixing method for the fixed platen and the block-stacking type orifice plate for the fixed platen contribute to the durable and stable injection unit and accommodate a wider range of molds.

  • Fully upgraded configuration, delivering better user experience

    Compliant with the CE standards, the machine has an operating panel design incorporated with industrial engineering concepts and a 12” Siemens color touchscreen.

  • High safety standards, creating a conducive production environment

    Conforming to the CE standards, the clamping unit is equipped with electro-hydraulic safety valves to effectively prevent accidental mold closing.

    Safety devices are added to the injection unit and toggles to prevent accidental damages.

    The high-pressure oil hoses are equipped with safety retention devices.


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