• PAC-M Series

    Medical Injection Molding System

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  • Compact, Optimize Equipment Exterior design

    Optimized Clamping unit, reduce the length by 10%-15%

    Adjust theposition of oil cooler, the machine became more compact

    Optimize theinjection system structure

  • Energy saving and environmental protection, effectively reducing production costs

    Full servo system with low energy consumption

    Use of ceramic heater band and insulated cover,

     reducing heat dissipation

    Upgraded sound insulation configuration, reducing the impact of hydraulic circuit and noise level

  • Clean, effectively controlling the secondary pollution of product

    All lubricating oil for machine is recyclable and edible.

    Recyclable exhaust gas from injection unit.

    Fully closed clamping area.

    Independent product area.

    Stainless steel guard is used.

  • Stability, effectively improving the product precision

    High speed proportional valve for mold open and close, linear guide rail are applied tomake cycle time shorter.

    High rigidity clamping unit and single cylinder injection structure are used generating low inertia.

    High precision servo system is equipped to provide shorter response time.

  • 8 Parts 1 set Petri Dish Application

    Medical packing products


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