• High-speed PET Preform Injection Molding System

    PET-48A2, PET-72A2, PET-96A2

    High Productivity & Low Maintenance Costs

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  • Hot Half


    Hot runner manifold is designed with natural balance to ensure 90-degree turns. The runner diameter is based on mold flow analysis to ensure the minimum cavity pressure during injection and prolong the service life of mold core.

    Not easy to deform

    Regarding to the design of the hot half plate, the bolts are carefully arranged as technically required and tightened according to bolttorque specifications, avoiding deformation of the hot half plate or plastic leakage due to thermal expansion.

  • Cold Half


    The core is made of imported 420ESR tool steel and subject to special surface treatment to ensure long mold life. The mold core plate, cavity plate and other mold bases are made of with 2316 high-strength stainless steel to ensure long service life.

    Faster molding

    Cavity cooling channel design based on CFD analysis, improving the preform cooling and shortening the production cycle.

    Stable and reliable

    Die lip with patented water channel design to achieve more even cooling and to ensure dimensional stability of performs.

  • Clamping Unit

    High rigidity and high accuracy

    The brand-new clamp structure delivers low clamping force and high injection pressure, and ensures the clamping force is applied to themold evenly. Application of closed-loop servo valves to mold opening and closing, injection and ejection ensures accurate control of the position and shot weight.

  • Injection Unit

    Really energy-saving

    Imported motor-driven screw is used for plasticizing to ensure continuous plasticizing and less energy consumption. It is more energy-saving than conventional hydraulic machines.

  • Hydraulic System

    Latest upgrade

    High-reliability closed-loop hydraulic control system and imported hydraulic components based on pole assignment, with substantially increased stability and ease of maintenance.

  • Manipulator

    High-quality component

    The sliding base is cast in integrated precise aluminum alloy with light weight and high hardness. The manipulator is equipped with three-station cooling support plate to shorten overall cycle time.

  • Electrical Unit

    High response

    The use of Italy’s Gefran controller can effectively improve and overlap the response time of movements and enhance resistance to communication jamming. The controller system can record the process parameters in real time and has functions of monitoring, alarm and remotediagnosis.

  • Substantially Improved Productive Efficiency

    New-generation screw design effectively reduces the AA content and IV value and achieves the maximum plasticizing efficiency.

  • Shorter Cycle Time

    Efficient plasticizing, injection and holding pressure are synchronous so as to shorten cycle time. The manipulator is equipped with a three-station cooling support plate to extend the preform cooling time, eliminate the stress of preform, reduce energy consumption of the system and shorten overall cycle time.

  • Remarkably Longer Service Life

    The unique linear guide rails are highly accurate, fast and durable with less friction.

  • Significantly Increased Service Life

    Non-contact tie bars that do not bear weight reduce resistance to the movable platen and prolong the mold life.


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