• PET48-ECO High-speed Preform Injection Molding System

    Reducing Unnecessary Costs for Competitive Advantages

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  • Clamping Unit

    Thick and firm

    Complete pieces of thickened steel plates are welded into a cabinet-like structure, which is specially engineered for the PET injection molding system. The thick and sturdy machine frame bears load uniformly and has strong resistance to deformation, providing reliable support for high-seed mold opening and closing.

    High-accuracy clamping

    Uniform clamping force increases the strength of clamping unit and improves the dimensional accuracy of molded products.

    High-precision structure

    Five-point toggle clamp with excellence in motion, good mechanical properties and prominent safety performance. Strengthened ejection mechanism with larger ejector force and more parallel ejector rods shortens the preform removal time and reduces deformation of ejector plate.

  • Manipulator

    The sliding base is cast in integrated precise aluminum alloy with light weight and high hardness. The manipulator is equipped with two-station cooling support plate to extend the preform cooling time, eliminate the stress of preform, reduce power consumption of the system and shorten overall cycle time.

  • High Production Volume

    The new machine employs a servo motor for synchronized plasticizing, which is faster and time-saving. Larger inner diameter of the nozzle can reduce the friction during injection, injection pressure and cycle time.

  • High Injection Volume

    Single-station plasticizing ensures sufficient injection volume, maximum plasticizing volume up to 3,300 g.

  • High Rigidity

    The unique linear guide rails are highly accurate, fast and durable with less friction. Non-contact tie bars that do not bear weight reduce resistance to the movable platen and prolong the mold life.

  • High Response

    The use of Italy’s Gefran controller can effectively improve and overlap the response time of movements and enhance resistance to communication jamming. The scan time is only 1ms.


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