• PAC/PAC-K Series

    Thin-wall Injection Molding System

    Suitable for high-speed injection molding of thin-wall packaging containers
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  • Complete Turnkey System

    Based on mature and reliable technology that features high accuracy and efficiency, PAC / PAC-K series enjoys an unparalleled advantage in the industry. Yizumi is able to customize different equipment solutions to meet diversified production needs of various customers andprovide appropriate turnkey systems that include the machine, PET mold, auxiliary equipment and after-sales service, ensuring customers receive optimum injection molding solutions and turnkey engineering services.

  • High Precision

    · VxWorks real-time operating system with scan time of 1ms
    · Industrial Ethernet technology, remote monitoring, machine networking
    · PWM controlled back pressure valve
    · Ultra-high-speed hardware exchange for switchover to holding pressure (200μs, patented technology)

  • Clamping Unit

    High-rigidity clamping unit greatly minimizes deformation of platens and makes the machine perfectly qualified for molding thin-walled partswith strict requirements. Stress is well distributed to the mold which gets better protection. Optimized toggles make mold opening and closing smoother.

  • Injection Unit

    The single-cylinder injection unit features compact structure and little inertia, notably increases the injection precision and ensures perfect molding of high-precision products. High-strength base frame enhances stability in the operation of machine.

  • Power Unit

    Variable configuration of the power system is at customer’s choice: variable displacement pump, fixed displacement pump and accumulator, etc. for high efficiency and energy saving.

  • Eastroc Super Drink Bottle Cap

  • Milk Powder Cap


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