• DP Series Two-platen Injection Molding Machine


    Widely used in manufacturing of automotive parts, household appliances and other deep-cavity parts
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  • Clamping unit

    ◆High-rigidity platens are designed as box structures with high degree of parallelism, large space between tie bars, large mold thickness and long mold-open stroke.

    ◆Mold closing and opening are controlled by high-response and high-speed proportional valves, with mold opening repeatability up to ±0.1mm.

    ◆Diagonally-positioned high-speed cylinders enable mold closing and opening to be faster and effectively shorten dry cycle.

    ◆Clamping force is quickly generated thanks to the synchronous locking nut mechanism and four short-stroke high-pressure cylinders.

    ◆Compact two-platen clamp unit saves space by 20%.

  • Injection unit

    ◆Thanks to modular design, each clamping unit can be combined with different injection units to meet diversified needs of injection molding applications.

    ◆Double-parallel-cylinder injection, fully-closed-loop control of the injection and hold (pressure and velocity) stages, numerically controlled proportional back pressure and stable injection end position ensure part repeatability is less than or equal to 3‰.

    ◆Ceramic heater bands are used for barrel heating and it is under self-tuning PID temperature control performed by Austria’s KEBA controller, with control accuracy up to±0.5℃. The heater bands have long service life and low energy consumption.

  • Hydraulic system

    ◆The excellent performance of DP series benefits from the high-performance Eco servo drive technology and the piston variable pump, which has strong power, fast response, little internal leak and significant energy savings.

    ◆The drive system and injection unit will be matched in the form of modules so as to customize the power for machine and minimize energy loss.

    ◆Mold opening during plasticizing, ejection or core pulling is a standard feature that reduces cycle time.

  • Strong Functions

    ◆DP series employs Austria’s KEBA control system with user-friendly interface and higher processing speed. It is also powerful and capable of providing multiple control software solutions for special processes.

    ◆12"TFT color touch screen, visualized graphic parameter setting, actual parameter values recorded and displayed with curves, more accurate online process analysis

    ◆Free programming is available to meet the needs of special molds and processes. The sequence of machine movements also can be freely edited.

    ◆Extensible I/O modules can integrate with more functions, including temperature control and sequence valve as needed.

    ◆Communication ports for printer, auxiliary equipment and automation

  • Feasible value-added technologies

    Based on Germany modular design and excellent equipment structure, a variety of special processes solutions, such as injection compression molding (ICM) technology, FoamPro microcellular foam technology, precision mold-open technology, secondary mold-close technology, carbon fiber-based light weighting technology, long glass fiber (LGF) injection molding technology and multi-material micro injection molding technology are available.

  • Precision & stability

    High-response servo valve control technology and ultrasonic displacement sensor are applied to mold closing and opening, with accurate position control and mold-open repeatability up to ±0.1mm.

  • DirectPro

    Long fiber direct injection molding process

  • UN3200DP-N-75500

    Yizumi 3200T two-platen machine entered enviromental friendly American container manufacturers Otto, which is the largest injection molding machine for export so far.

  • UN500DP

    ReactPro Process

  • UN900DP

    MultiPro-M Horizontal Rotary Table Technology

  • UN1000DP

    Produces foamed brief case (click the right picture to watch the viedo )

  • UN1500

    Produces high-gloss car spoiler (click the right picture to watch the video )


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