• FE Series All Electric Injection Molding Machine


    Focusing on Highly Precision and Reliable Molding

    Used widely in manufacturing of precision devices, photoelectric and digital products and packaging, etc.
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  • Clamping Unit

    Negative caster angle structure of the clamping unit makes the motion smoother without vibration. With liner guides for the movable platen and non-contact tie bar design, the machine can operate steadily in high speed and the mold gets effectively protected.

  • Injection Unit

    Low-damping injection unit improves the pressure control precision, meeting the need of precise part manufacturing.

  • Fully Servo Motor Driven System

    Energy-saving, environment friendly, free of hydraulic oil with much less power consumption compared with common hydraulic machines

  • Clean Operation

    Viscous grease comprehensively lubricates the moving parts of the machine, avoiding the pollution caused by the leak of lubricating oil.

  • Lower Noise

    Mechanical transmission makes use of high-strength ball screw and synchronized isolation treatment and the motor works silently, enabling the whole machine operates with lower noise.

  • Prioritized User Friendliness

    The control system conforms to the principle of “achieving the objective as soon as possible”, so that customers can benefit from simple settings, programming and operation and focus on production more quickly.

  • Simple Operation and Clear Layout

    With a clear interface layout, the system is easy to operate. The operation mode, which is compatible with the hydraulic machine, enables the operator to get started easily.

  • Highly Reliable Operation

    With the function of self-monitoring and self-protection, the machine can operate safely without malfunction and remain in a good condition for a long time.

  • Higher Precision and Higher Product Quality

    High-precision fully-closed-loop control highly controllable dynamic mechanics are available. High-accuracy pressure sensor with pressure control accuracy up to 0.1MPa, as well as high-accuracy encoder with position control accuracy up to 0.01mm and speed control accuracy of 0.1mm/s makes the machine suitable for injection molding of precise micro products, with high repeatability.

  • Stable and Reliable

    When the machine is operating, the control system can realize self-monitoring and self-protection so that the machine can operate safely and remain in a good condition for a long time.  

  • High Efficiency and Energy-Saving

    With fast and high response, high speed and synchronized functions, the machine can work with auxiliary equipment to realize fully automatic injection molding with significantly higher production efficiency as compared to common machines. At the same time, the support of the highly efficient transmission mechanism and optimized structure can meet the customer needs in terms of energy saving.

  • Cabin LED light guide strip molding solution

    Cabin LED light guide strip molding solution

  • Thick-walled lens molding solution

    Thick-walled lens molding solution

  • FE60-130h

    Producing auto parts (Clink the picture on the right to watch the video)

  • FE120-130h

    Producing medical devices (Clink the picture on the right to watch the video)


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