• A5 Series Standard High-end Servo Injection Molding Machine

    60T – 2600T

    New A5,Excellent As Always

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  • ​Core Customer Value: Reliability and Stability

    We define and quantify the factor of  achieving the core customer value of reliability and stability in the product line of A5 large tonnage machines: In the normal process environment, the weight repeatability of molded parts is up to 3%.

  • Updated KEBA Controller System

    l.  User-friendly interface, high processing speed and powerful

    2.  Multiple sets of mold data storage with USB ports

    3.  Extensible I/O modules for integration of more functions, including temperature control and sequence valve as needed

  • Low Friction Oil Seal Design

    Injection cylinder adopts low friction oil seal design, fully reducing injection friction and ensuring longer service

  • Weldless Flared Hydraulic Hose Design

    Ensure no oil leaks due to cracked weld during long-term use

  • UN260A5S molding example: cosmetic jar

  • UN200 A5S-PPR Elbow Pipe Joint

    A5S updated high-end servo injection molding machine


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