• A5 Standard Series High-end Large-tonnage Servo  Injection Molding Machine

    650T – 2600T

    New A5,Excellent As Always

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  • Clamping Unit

    Stable and Highly Rigid

    The platens are designed with a European style with comprehensive optimization of parameters and distributed stress. The materials and manufacturing processes for the machine frame features high rigidity, ensuring the sturdiness, stability and reliability of the whole machine.

  • Injection Unit

    Stable and Minimum Friction

    Optimized design of the injection unit increases its strength and reduces different kinds of friction and resistance during the injection process.The injection precision is higher and the injection stability is ensured.

  • Hydraulic System

    Reliable, Durable, Highly-efficient, Energy-saving and Low Noise

    The third-generation servo system is improved and optimized in terms of the internal structure of the motor, magnetic steel, selection of the oil pump and development of the software, so that it is more energy-saving than traditional hydraulic machines.

  • High Precision Control System

    The control of the system pressure, flow, position and temperature are much more precise, resulting in a more stable machine and molded parts.

  • Upgraded STAR Controller

    The controller is upgraded from ES600 to ES620 with a user-friendly HMI that is convenient for operation and monitoring. The CPU is faster and the main frequency, compared with ES600, increases by 7.2 time.

  • Non-contact Transducer

    MTS absolute displacement sensor will not cause the drifting of the critical points and it will not be affected by the vibration of the machine. In addition to resistance to electromagnetic interference and electrical surges, its malfunctioning rate is extremely low. Besides, it has a long lifespan and a high degree of control.

  • Proportional Valve Deceleration Circuit for Mold Open (650T-1000T)

    It reduces excessive mold opening stroke, increases repeatability of the mold open position, facilitates the accurate removal of parts by the manipulator and improves efficiency of automatic continuous production.

  • Low Oil Level Alarm System

    It prevents the oil level to be excessively low such that it will inhale gases and cause the hydraulic circuit to be unstable.

  • ​Core Customer Value: Reliability and Stability

    We define and quantify the factor of  achieving the core customer value of reliability and stability in the product line of A5 large tonnage machines: In the normal process environment, the weight repeatability of molded parts is up to 3%.


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