• SKII Series General-Purpose Injection Molding Machine


    Higher Stability
    Superior Plasticizing
    Higher Efficiency    

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  • Stability

    Most of the machines adopt famous imported hydraulic and electrical units, the main mechanical components all are processed by imported machining center, strict quality management system supervises the entire manufacturing process, noticeably improving the stability of the whole machine.

  • High efficiency

    SKII series is characterized by fast plasticization, short dry cycle and high operating efficiency. T-slots are standard on SKII series so that mold change is easier and quicker.

  • Comprehensive upgrade of customer experience

    Apart from ensuring high stability and efficiency, which are the core value, Yizumi focuses more on enhancing the user experience that covers industrial design, human-machine communication, environmental protection and other details.

  • Clamping Unit

    Reliable, stable, durable: SKII series is based on high-rigidity clamping unit design and comprehensive optimization of parameters and force distribution, ensuring the machine is robust, stable and reliable.

  • Injection Unit

    Stable, efficient, high accuracy: based on optimized injection mechanism design, the injection unit of SKII series has higher rigidity. The design of barrel assembly is enhanced to reduce the frictional resistance during the injection process, increase the injection accuracy and ensure the stability of injection.  

  • Hydraulic System

    The third-generation energy-saving servo system has low moment of inertia and consumes less energy. The whole hydraulic circuit is subject to optimizations, including the reduction of resistance to motion and pressure loss, to ensure less energy consumption of the machine.

  • Electrical Control System

    The system adopts the MH9118 controller: fast speed, accurate control, easy operation, program for multiple processes, having powerful performance.  


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