• SJII Series Specific Injection Molding Machine


    Specially Designed for You!

    Specially developed for electronics, electrical and other sectors that need precision and fast molding, especially suitable for injection molding and processing of mobile phone parts.
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  • Clamping Unit

    Resistant to Deformation

    The high-rigidity clamping mechanism and little deformation of platen effectively reduce the clamping force in case of producing the same molded parts.

  • Stable and Resistant to Wear

    With the extended guiding sections of the tie bar holes for the movable platen, the steadiness of the movable platen is increased and the wear of guide rod mold is reduced.

  • Closed Protective Covers for the Machine

    The clean and neat appearance simplifies the layout of the factory.

  • Injection Unit

    Effective and energy-saving

    With the patented plasticizing barrel groove design, the heating part of the barrel saves energy in the static test.

  • High Strength and High Precision

    The high-hardness plasticizing screw can prevent black spots due to breaking and bending and increase the strength and durability. The double-carriage cylinder avoids the turning torque on the injection carriage guide during injection, increasing the injection precision and reducing the wear of the nozzle and mold.  

  • Precise Bypass Filter

    It ensures that the hydraulic oil in use remains qualified as the new oil in the long run; in case of three-year reasonable maintenance, no replacement of hydraulic oil is needed.

  • Reliable and Stable Hydraulic Power

    Germany REXROTH variable displacement pump coupled with the imported hydraulic control components from Germany REXROTH or Japan YUKEN can achieve the reliability and stability of the system.

  • TAIWAN MIRLE MH9118 Controller

    The 8” TFT true color LCD with independent CPU.

  • Imported Transducers

    With the imported France VISHA or Germany NOVO transducers, the production efficiency of the whole machine is enhanced by 10 to 20% as compared to the general machine.

  • High Injection Pressure

    Injection pressure more than 300MPa ensures the formation of finished products with a higher flow length ratio.

  • High Injection Speed

    The injection speed is 40% higher than that of a general injection molding machine. High-speed mold filling results in lower internal stress in the molded parts and reduces deformation.

  • Accurate Temperature Control

    The temperature control deviation of the static test is ±0.5, delivering convenient process adjustment and stability control.

  • Sustainable and Durable

    The deviation of the platen parallelism control is within 50% of the national standard, reducing the wear and increasing the lifespan of mold.

  • High Precision in Mold Opening and Closing

    The deviation of the precision in mold opening and closing is ±0.5, enhancing the level of automation.


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