• Injection Molding Machine for UPVC Pipe Fitting


    Meet the Needs of High-quality Plasticizing

    Suitable for injection molding of UPVC pipe fittings
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  • UPVC Special Plasticizing Units

    The plasticizing unit dedicated to UPVC adopted a hard-chromium-plated screw and nozzle flange, which improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance, to realize the customers’ needs of good performance of plasticizing, mixing and surface finish.

  • Enlarge Plasticizing Hydraulic Motor

    Enlarged plasticizing hydraulic motor, improves plasticizing torque, adapted the UPVC features of high viscosity and poor mobility, to ensure the stability of plasticizing.

  • Integrated Injecting and Moving Support + Double Horizontal Injection and Moving

    Adopted the design of integrated injection and moving support +double horizontal injecting and moving, to avoid nozzle rising during injection and the appearance of black streak due to over-heating when single shearing.

  • Enforcing Blower Cooling Equipment

    1.Circular airflow design, blowers are controlled individually and respectively, achieving temperature closed-loop control.

    2.The power source is controlled individually with special procedure, to make sure remelting stock will not over-heating decompose or carbonize in cylinder because suspension or machine’s haul, to avoid blackspots and hard-cleaning problems of screw surface.

  • Proportional backpressure control

    Individual proportional backpressure control facilitates precise computer control in order to fit with the feature that UPVC raw material is sensitive to shear heating.

  • Extended Safety Door

    To satisfy customer’s dimension requirement of critical molding side pulling oil cylinder.


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