• PET Preform Injection Molding Machine


    Meet the Needs of High-quality Plasticizing

    Suitable for injection molding of PET preforms
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  • More Efficient

    Adopted high-performance Plasticizing dynamical system, special reinforced plasticizing motor could extend the operated life and improve products stability. High-speed plastify quickly, high-rigid clamping has short dry cycle time. With standard T-slot platen, die change time is shorted. The complete machine operates more effectively.

  • More Professional

    Adopted special PET plastic plasticizing assemblies, it could decrease plasticizing temperature and AA value, which could effectively improve PET contraction problems and transparency. Besides, according to different clients in various fields, we respectively prepared colored PET, special PET high-mixed color screw, special water-based preform and oil-based preform high-speed screw, etc.

  • Customized Design

    According to present and future product needs, the product that fitted to every machine type and mold situation, different types of machines match different shoot seats, which could satisfy demands of different product gram.

  • Full Upgrades of Customers Experience

    Based on the faster, more effective, more professional core values, we pay more attention to the optimization of practical customers experience, including industrial design, human-computer interaction, environmental protection and so on.

  • PET Preform


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