• M Series Injection Molding Machine


    Larger Injection Volume, Higher Price-performance Ratio

    Suitable for injection molding of large and super large PE pipe fittings
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  • Higher Injection Volume

    The plunger type injection unit, with unrestricted theoretical shot volume, is applicable to manufacturing more products. Cost per shot is lower and the price-performance ratio is higher.

  • More Energy-Saving

    The Nano infrared heating technology results in fast heating, high efficiency and significant energy savings. Very low resistance to the moving parts, less than 1 kg of resistance to no-load injection and extremely low reactive power make more energy savings.

    ※The Data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only foryour reference. The specific data please accord to the actual equipment.

  • Higher Reliability and Higher Stability

    Switching between plasticizing and injection via a specially processed and heat resistant rod, so that the motion of the moving parts is flexible, reliable and stable.

  • Higher Precision in Temperature Control

    Temperature control is more precise and reliable by using the controller imported from Japan, the British solid-state heating control components and infrared ceramic heater bands.

  • High Precision

    The high mixing dual-wave specialized screw can achieve low amount of shearing, fast and uniform plasticizing and precision.


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