• SM Series Injection Molding Machine


    Your Best Choice of Servo Machine

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  • Clamping Unit

    Spacious Ejector Area

    The new structural design of the moving platen, with larger ejection space and stroke and mold thickness, is suitable for molds of larger size.

    Safe and Reliable

    The hydraulically driven gear type mold adjusting mechanism is fast and reliable. It is equipped with a rear mounted protective device for mechanical installation.  

  • Injection Unit

    Uniform and Stable Plasticization

    The barrier screw with outstanding mixing performance and the seal components can meet the plasticizing requirements of many common polymers, achieving uniform, fast and stable plasticizing.

    High Rigidity

    High rigidity injection base supporting mechanism ensures long-term and stable operation of the injection unit.

  • Smart and Safe

    Automatic operating status monitoring, failure alarm and protective shutdown are available. Remote data transmission interface, as a standard feature, enables regional machines to be networked and realizes remote information enquiry and smart production management.

  • Fast Response

    The injection process is scanned at high speed. The short scanning time and high speed interruption make sure that the whole control process has high response;

  • User-friendly Design

    The software and data displayed on the screen can be transferred with USB flash disk, which is convenient for modification. The speed and pressure profiles during the injection process are clearly displayed in real time.

  • Energy-saving

    The machine utilizes a classic energy-saving servo system with small rotating inertia, no bottom current and lower energy consumption. The whole set of oil line is subject to various kinds of optimization,  including reducing the resistance to motion and the loss in pressure, to ensure less energy consumption of the machine.

  • A High Level of Stability

    With a stable and reliable servo system, as well as optimized components, the stability of the whole machine enables customers to receive updated and better value experiences in the product repeatability and position repeatability, etc.  

  • High Efficiency

    Plasticizing is rapid, and the dry cycle is short, enhancing the operating efficiency of the whole machine.


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