The purpose of Yizumi’s R&D is based solely on the enhancement of productivity, lowering of costs and improvement of product efficiencies for its customers. As such, the research and development team has attained outstanding achievements. As of now, it has received more than 130 technology patents.


Yizumi has always set its sights on the market trends and customers’ requirements and continued exploration and innovation in its industry. Undoubtedly, it has successfully made technological breakthroughs that are very competitive in the industry.

Two-platen Injection Molding Machine

The two-platen injection molding machine, invented based on precision and unique application requirements, has embraced and integrated a dozen of patented technologies including the tie bar design with resistance to wear and corrosion and uniform stress distribution, the anti-impact and anti-deviation technology for the brake mechanism, the anti-roll design technology for platens, etc. Furthermore, it combines perfectly the displacement sensing technology and closed-loop control technique, delivering many unique applications for the customers so as to achieve higher investment returns for the customers.

All Electric Injection Molding Machine

The launch of high-end all electric injection molding machine is backed up by Yizumi’s elite R&D team. The research and development has optimized fast mold opening and closing technology, high-speed shot end position  control technology, multi-dimensional back pressure stabilization technology and high precision temperature control technology.

Heavy Duty Die Casting Machine

After successful installation and commissioning of DM3500 die casting machine, Yizumi unveiled a more stable and reliable 5th generation real-time control die casting machine which continuously detects and adjusts the speed of shot speed during the injection process, achieving the closed-loop control of the shot speed and simultaneously enhancing the operating reliability and stability.

Fully Automated Die Casting Cell

Blending Yizumi’s die casting machine with robotic automation system, it unveiled the fully automated die casting cell. Not only does it ensure the quality sustainability of the die casting products and raise the productivity and machine operating rate, it also minimizes the manpower resources and lowers the production costs through reasonable equipping and optimization of flow production, assisting its customers to accomplish “unmanned workshops” far earlier than expected.

Injection Molding Machine for Composite Insulator

Different from traditional hollow molding technology and the specialized molding equipment were respectively listed in Guangdong Province Advanced Technology Economic Development Zone Special Development Project and National Creativity and Innovation Fund Project. Different from traditional hollow insulator injection molding technology, the innovation is designed with double horizontal movable platens, double “first in, first out” injection system, auto moving and positioning of sleeve, automatic moving of mandrel, resin temperature and closed-loop control of the pressure in the mold cavity. (patent number: 201010503461.2)

Thixomolding Technology

Yizumi has mastered core technology, such as high speed injection control and manufacturing of screw and barrel for magnesium alloys, received many patents for inventions and utility models. The sample machine has been accredited by the national technology bodies and it has become the benchmark for the industry. In 2015, the new generation of HPM UN650MGII was successfully developed. The machine was put into mass production for sale and applications in auto parts, 3C, unmanned machines and other sectors.

High-speed PET Preform Injection Molding System

Yizumi has accomplished a successful R&D effort in high-speed PET Preform injection molding machine and introduced it to the market. In order to accommodate mass production of PET preform, it is the perfect solution for the Preform injection system that requires high speed, precision, stability, reliability and energy-saving.

Robotic Integrated System

The robotic integrated system project division has begun its operation with the complete introduction of robotic powder coating system, robotic  part removal system, robotic grinding burr removal system, etc. Successful application of those systems helps enterprises to raise their productivities and lower their costs of doing businesses.

Thin-walled Injection Molding System Solution

Equipped with the PAC series high-speed injection molding machine for packaging applications and precision hot runners, the system rapidly produces thin-walled packaging products with the multi-cavity mold. From four-cavity and eight-cavity thin-walled container molds to 4 + 4 stack mold and IML (In-mold labeling), breakthroughs have always been made in the thin-walled injection molding system solution, sustainably delivering revolutionary products.  

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