Foshan university visited yizumi, jointly sought for school-enterprise cooperation


In order to enhance communication, deeply push school-enterprise cooperation, help developing high-standard science and engineering universities construction, Zengzheng professor, the Foshan University Communist Party secretary and Chairman of FSU Council led to visiting Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. on April 15th.

On the meeting, Zengzheng professor introduced that since pushing the high-standard science and engineering university construction Foshan University has been grasped every opportunity, fully completed the spirit of “General Office of the State Council’s opinions about deepen the integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities” and other relative documents, closely followed national innovation driven development strategy, positively serviced for local economic development, through conducting talent-training “Double Collegiate System” to gather industrial resource widely begun School-enterprise cooperation in the aspects of practical base, professional construction, innovative entrepreneurship education…and finally gained outstanding achievement. He hoped to deepen collaboration in the high, precise, advanced researching area based on the cooperation with Yizumi.

Chen Jingcai, the chairman of Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., said research and development is the lifeline of enterprises, we are looking forward to deepening collaboration in the high, precise, advanced researching area with Foshan University, expecting to carry out the integration of enterprises with universities dependent on university’s advanced technology, reaching win-win.

Two sides on the meeting communicated deeply and widely about how to deliver high, precise, advanced cooperation.

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