The Project of YIZUMI Intelligent Factory Was Launched to Build a High-End Intelligent Equipment Industry Cluster


The launching ceremony of YIZUMI High-end Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park Project was successfully carried out in Wusha Industrial Park on 21st October.

Building intelligent factories to achieve avant-garde equipment industry cluster

It is acknowledged that the project of YIZUMI high-end intelligent equipment Industrial Park is projected to be YIUZMI China Factory 3 in the future with a construction area of 447,000 square meters. At present, YIZUMI has already started the construction of the first-phase project and the planning of the second-phase project. YIZUMI chairman Chen Jingcai said the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year posed a huge challenge to the development of the company. Under the concern and support of governments at all levels, the enterprise actively resumes work and production, working hard to improve internal competitiveness and seeking opportunities in the crisis. In the first three quarters of this year, the sales revenue of the company is expected to grow about 15% and profit to grow more than 20% year on year, increasing with potential. YIZUMI has set a new plan for the high-end intelligent equipment industrial park project which “all the factories in the park will be inter-connected to fully take the advantages of the company headquarter, production bases, industrial Internet, integrated molding solution, incubation platform in the industrial cluster. It is expected that after the completion of the project, the capacity of the whole group will be more than 5 billion CNY and this will be a new milestone for YIZUMI." Mr. Chen mentioned.

So what will be the differences between the new Factory 3 and the previous factories? YIUZMI CEO Richard Yan introduced that it will be an unmanned intelligent factory that can run 24 hours a day. "In the new project, we will adopt the full-assembly line production mode in the automobile industry to produce intelligent equipment machines and we will build this digital factory to a high standard." Richard extended. YIZUMI believes that the digital factory will provide main support for full assembly line production. Also, digital technology will be applied into the process of order, product design, configuration, production, logistics, final assembly, delivery, etc.

YIZUMI: Confidence in the new project

As one of the leading enterprises in China, YIZUMI strives for high-quality development as it always does and in face of the future development, Mr. Chen expressed with confidence that the preliminary work of the factory 3 project is progressing smoothly under the strong support of governments at all levels and we are all in one heart to completing the project in high quality and put it into production as soon as possible.



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