YIZUMI 2019 Annual Gala and Staff Conference in Shunde ——Striving to become a world-class enterprise


In 2018, Yizumi’s globalization strategy has been fully rolled out and its overall business performance remained stable.

In 2019, we will not forget our initial mission, focus on our strategy and pursue the dream of becoming a world-class company.

On January 24th, the 2019 YIZUMI 2019 Annual Gala and the staff conference was held in Shunde with the theme of “Transforming for a New Future”. In the face of the new global economic situation in the new year, how will Yizumi respond?


Stable growth in overseas markets in 2018


In 2018, Yizumi proposed the strategic goal of “to be the industry’s best cost-effective solution provider with leading technology.” In 2018, Yizumi practiced the strategy from the aspects of product and operational upgrading, and global operation.

It is worth mentioning that the SPACE A robotic flexible additive manufacturing system, which was launched by Yizumi Germany has already won the first order, and the FoamPro micro-foaming technology launched in 2016 has been commercialized after two years of in-depth development .

At the same time, Yizumi is also actively exploring ways to improve operational efficiency to ensure the best cost-effective cost of technical solutions. In 2018, the SAP system went online, facilitating the IT management of the entire operating model.  

“The economic situation in 2018 is very complicated, but Yizumi has completed the layout of global operations.” Richard Yan, managing director of Yizumi said at the conference, “From North American subsidiary to European spare parts center, German R&D center, Indian subsidiary, Vietnam Technical Service Center, Yizumi has expanded its footprints to America, Europe, and Asia. More importantly, Yizumi’s overseas sales business continued to grow steadily in 2018, including India. The factory has been put into production for over a one year and has become the largest single overseas market for the company.

Yizumi managing director Richard Yan giving keynote speech

Maintaining strategic patience in 2019


Looking forward to 2019, Yizumi will maintain strategic patience and confidence, and will not stop moving forward due to changes in the external environment. Chen Jingcai, chairman of Yizumi said: "There have been difficulties and challenges in 2018, and there will be more unknowns in 2019, but as long as we focus on improve our internal strength, new growth can be accomplished after the difficult times."

  In 2019, Yizumi will strengthen its solution-providing capabilities, such as the establishment of a die-casting application test center. The center will not only be equipped with heavy-duty die-casting machines, peripheral equipment and automation solutions, but will also work with advanced mold equipment suppliers to develop with technology partners and customers for industry solutions. At the same time, it will also penetrate into industry applications, such as 3C, 5G communication, automotive, cosmetic packaging, construction materials, etc. In addition, Yizumi will enter the software service field and launch an Internet industrial platform to provide customers with intelligent solutions.

Richard Yan said: "The strategy of Yizumi in the future is still going back to the fundamentals, that is, to go deep into the industry, explore the best cost-effective solutions, improve efficiency, and improve the overall organizational capabilities. As long as we persist in our dreams, we will not be far from the goal of becoming a world-class company in our field."

Yizumi Chairman Chen Jingcai speaking






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