Yizumi successfully acquired new land in Shunde Wusha


On the afternoon of July 5, Yizumi successfully acquired a new plot of Shunde Daliang Wusha Industrial Park through public listing and trading. The company's industrial layout has taken another solid step.

268 acres of new land for growth

The new land of Wusha Industrial Park, which was successfully won by Yizumi, covers an area of about 268 acres. It is reported that this is the largest single plot of land that has been acquired by Yizumi since the establishment of the company. Yizumi will continue to focus in its main business and deepen its management in the high-end intelligent equipment industry; with the new land as the carrier, Yizumi will continue investing in the industrial Internet in the molding industry, smart factory solutions, and the new material & new technology holistic solutions and increase innovation and intelligent equipment business incubation. The company will use the advantages in its own industry to introduce upstream and downstream projects, and strive to transform the newly acquired land into a high-end intelligent equipment industrial park. After the project is put into production, it is estimated that the newly added capacity of Yizumi is expected to exceed 2.3 billion RMB.

Increases investment and increase confidence

At present, the economic situation at home and abroad is complex and changeable, but development opportunities and challenges coexist. Yizumi is actively deployed in the Wusha provincial-level high-tech industrial development zone, bidding for new land, fully embodying Yizumi's confidence and determination for the company's future development. Land is the core strategic resources for the development of the equipment industry! Yizumi's successful bid for new land will help the company further optimize its resource allocation, meet the company's medium and long-term strategic development needs, and enhance the company's sustainable development capabilities.

It is understood that this transaction is also a rare plot of larger than 250 acres of industrial land in Shunde District in the past 3 years, which reflects the affirmation and support of the local government. With their strong support, Yizumi will make efforts to build a large-scale, clustered, innovative and branded, high-end intelligent equipment industry model base with independent intellectual property rights, advanced technology and a certain scale to promote the upgrading of local machinery industry.

Launched equity incentive plan and share development results with core staff

Yizumi's confidence in the long-term development of the future, in addition to being reflected in the bidding for new land, Yizumi also launched the first phase of the equity incentive plan, allowing the courageous and capable core employees to jointly build and share the company's development results. The introduction of the company's equity incentive plan will further establish and improve the company's long-term incentive mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of core employees, and effectively combine the interests of shareholders, the interests of the company and the personal interests of the core team.

Thestrong investment in core resources such as land and the willingness to attractand retain talents will provide a constant source of power for the continued,steady and rapid development of Yizumi.

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