【VIDEO】Chinaplas+YIZUMI Open House 2019: Star lineup assemble


This is the collision and innovation of China and European technology. This is a bridge for industry connection and a feast.

On May 21-24, Yizumi will present its new process application solutions at Chinaplas 2019 in Guangzhou, and will hold an open house event at its headquarters in Shunde, Guangdong parallel to the exhibition. This means that Yizumi will exhibit more than 20 application solutions in total, assembling an “all-star” line-up.

Chinaplas 2019: 5 new application solutions

Franka Emika Panda, a collaborative robot once operated by German chancellor Angela Merkel,  "PUR+ injection molding" ReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating solution breaking through traditional process and realizing single step molding... Connecting with the advanced molding technology of China and Europe, along with the breakthrough innovations, five application solutions of YIZUMI will be presented at booth 3.1F41 during Chinaplas 2019.

Chinaplas 2019 preview

YIZUMI Open House 2019: Full lineup of application solutions, one large-scale exhibition

Committed to becoming the industry's best cost-effective solution provider with leading technology, Yizumi has been constantly challenging new process applications. During the open house event, YIZUMI will built a technology exchange platform by exhibiting 15 application solutions which are integrated with innovative technologies. Closely responding to customers' demands, the solutions on display covers automotive industry, 3C, consumer products, food packaging, toys etc.

YIZUMI Open House 2019 preview

Headlining solutions at YIZUMI Open House 2019

DirectPro long fiber direct injection molding solution

YIZUMI DirectPro long fiber direct injection molding solution will makes its debut in 2019. The two-platen machine is equipped with continuous fiber metering feeding device to realize long fiber direct injection molding process, low fiber loss rate and high strength. It can replace fiber-reinforced engineering plastics and reduce raw material cost.

MultiPro multi-component injection molding solutions

Yizumi MultiPro multi-component molding solution is equipped with C series multi-component injection molding machine, and makes live production of 5-gallon two-color container cover, smart speaker, and foldable basket showing the stability of multi-component molding such as sealing and precision bonding, and excellent soft color mixing effect.

Pacpro thin-walled packaging molding solution

In the field of thin-walled packaging, efficiency is essential. Yizumi PacPro will showcase 24+24 mold bottle closure production system and 4-cavity fast food container production system. Yizumi not only provides a complete turnkey solution, but also continues to challenge the efficiency of thin-walled packaging molding, further reducing customer production costs.

Thick-walled lens molding solution

For the first time, Yizumi FE series all-electric injection molding machine is equipped with “secondary clamping + variable mold temperature” technology to help shape thick-walled lens products. While optimizing the cycle time, it can effectively improve the stress problem of the product, and the product is stable and does not shrink.

Cosmetic cream bottle T-mold special machine solution

The T-mold injection molding technology can form a plurality of products alternately and cyclically without expanding the injection volume and the mold opening stroke of the injection molding machine, and is suitable for molding a product having a certain wall thickness and a long production cycle, and has low cost and high efficiency. Yizumi A5S series upgraded high-end servo injection molding machine will be equipped with this technology to produce two different cosmetic cream bottles in the same pair of molds, providing efficient and cost-effective solution for the cosmetics packaging industry.

The above recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg of the YIZUMI Open House 2019, and more advanced solutions will be announced on site. Yizumi invites customers from all over the world to attend the tech feast to witness the achievements and changes of connecting China and European advanced molding technologies.

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