Yizumi won the title of "Foshan Brand of China Innovation Benchmark"


Recently, Yizumiwas awarded the title of "Foshan Brand of China Innovation Benchmark"in the 7th "Brand Foshan" event. The company joins the likes of MideaGroup, Vanward, Galanz and other enterprises.

Yizumi representative receiving award

“Brand Foshan” was initiated by Foshan Media Group. It has been heldevery two years since 2007 and has been successfully held for seven times.“Brand Foshan” is hailed as the “Oscar Award of Foshan Brand Economy”. Over thepast 10 years, it has attracted hundreds of companies to participate in theevaluation and hundreds of thousands of consumers voted.

It is understood that this year's event, forthe first time, introduced the integration of public voting, think tankresearch big data, jury expert review to select the title winners. A number ofexperts from state-owned private enterprise think tanks, Guangdong collegethink tanks and Foshan media think tanks participated in the scoring.

Yizumi won the title of “Foshan Brand ofChina Innovation Benchmark”, indicating that Yizumi has achieved remarkableresults in terms of technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing,globalization strategy, quality improvement, etc., and has been recognized bythe public and experts. It has become a benchmark enterprise for innovation in Foshan.

In recent years, Yizumi's innovation strategyhas mainly focused on the transition from a equipment manufacturer to a systemsolution provider, and such transformation requires large-scale R&Dinvestment. Yizumi's total R&D investment in the past three years (2016 -2018) exceeded USD 36.4 million, accounting for 47% of the total retained net profitof the same period. According to the 2019 semi-annual report, Yizumi’sinvestment in R&D in the first half of the year reached USD 6.54 million, ayear-on-year increase of 12.72%.

In addition, Yizumi has always focused onattracting and cultivating top talents, and improving R&D and innovationcapabilities by connecting advanced European technologies. In 2017, Dr. HansWobbe led the establishment of a R&D center in Germany, and now hasestablished a senior technical team, focusing on a number of leadingapplication process research. In May of 2019, the European die-casting industryexpert Stefan Fritsche officially joined Yizumi as the chief strategy officerfor Die Casting & metal forming. As of June 2019, the number of company’sR&D personnel have reached 578, accounted for 21.85 percent of thecompany’s total employees, and obtained more than 200 patented technicalachievements.。

Yizumi FoamPro solution at Prince & Weiss Environmental Plastic Innovation Center in Belgium

The continuous high R&D investment hasestablished a leading technological advantage for Yizumi and effectivelyassisted its transformation. In the past three years, Yizumi has repeatedlymade breakthroughs in application technology and materials research. It hasreleased 8 new application programs and 4 new products, and has launched morethan one new product and new solution every year. For example, In the area oflightweight design, the foaming process developed by Yizumi after two years hasbeen successfully marketed, providing solutions for various customers toproduce auto parts for Audi, BMW and Toyota etc.

In addition, Yizumi has also extended itsreach of innovation to industrial Internet. Last year, Yizumi launched themolding equipment industrial internet platform, which can solve problems suchas equipment monitoring, efficiency statistics, equipment maintenance, faulthandling, process parameter monitoring and traceability in the productionprocess, and achieve production efficiency and product quality improvement. Atpresent, the platform has covered the fields of injection molding, die castingand rubber injection molding, and a number of provincial manufacturingcompanies have successfully applied the platform.

Facing the future, Yizumi will continue totransform from an equipment manufacturer to a system solution provider,increase R&D investment, actively initiate cooperation around the world,and explore cutting-edge molding technology to achieve market leadershipthrough technology-based innovations.

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