Yizumi breaks ground on its Global Innovation Center


On October 12th, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Yizumi Global Innovation Center was held in Shunde Wusha Industrial Park. Guo Wenhai, member of the Standing Committee of Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Shunde District Party Committee, and Cai Wei, deputy head of Shunde district, as well as nearly 200 people including representatives from institutions, partners, and media reporters attended the event.

Groundbreaking ceremony

Group photo of government officials and Yizumi top management

Cai Wei, deputy head of Shunde District gives speech

Chen Jingcai, Yizumi chairman gives speech

Kay Matzner from Fraunhofer Institute gives speech

Zhu Zhengchen, Yizumi customer Foshan Sitzone Furniture gives speech

Covering an area of 12,000 square meters and expected to be completed by the end of 2020

The Yizumi GlobalInnovation Center is located in the Wusha production base in Shunde, Guangdong.The total area will be 12,000 square meters. The total investment is expectedto be nearly 100 million yuan. It is planned to be completed and put into usein the fourth quarter of 2020.

The project mainly includes three major constructions: R&D complex, multi-function exhibition hall and new material & technology test center. The test center will be nearly 6,000 square meters and used for research and development of new materials and new processes, molding equipment, processing equipment and related new products, as well as providing joint development and testing, mold trial and small batch production and technical training etc. for customers. Upon its completion, the center will become Yizumi's global innovation incubation base.

“The Yizumi GlobalInnovation Center will be an important carrier for Yizumi to transform itselffrom an equipment manufacturer to system solution provider.” Richard Yan,Yizumi managing director said that after more than ten years of development,Yizumi’s competitiveness in equipment manufacturing industry has been rankedamong the top 10 in the world. However, looking at the development of theEuropean mechanical equipment industry, the future trend is more aboutdeveloping complete system solutions integrating host machines, materials,molds and peripheral equipment based on the process requirements of the endproducts. This requires joint efforts from the whole global industrial valuechain including excellent technology companies, scientific researchinstitutions, and key universities etc. Therefore, Yizumi has invested heavilyin building the Global Innovation Center to create a new platform forindustrial cooperation.

Rendering of Yizumi Global Innovation Center

Rendering of Yizumi manufacturing base in Shunde Wusha

Build an industry R&D platform for win-win cooperation

The Yizumi Global R&D Center is characterized by cooperation and development. At the groundbreaking ceremony, Chen Jingcai, Chairman of Yizumi, pointed out that "as the future research and development base of Yizumi headquarters in China, the global innovation center will not do it alone, but will build an open innovation platform to gather upstream and downstream cooperation in the whole industry chain to promote cutting-edge technology testing, industrializing, and achieve a win-win situation together with our partners."

In the eyes of Chen Jingcai, Yizumi's global R&D center is very advantageous. It is only 20 minutes from Dongxin Expressway to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and Shunde Port is across the river. The drive is also within 10 minutes. The Yizumi Global Innovation Center under construction will fully utilize the innovative carrier in addition to its own R&D team. Yizumi's partners can arrive at the Global Innovation Center conveniently, and work together with the excellent engineers of Yizumi and the counterparts from the global equipment industry.

"We believe that on the new platform, through continuous technological innovation, the gap between China's equipment technology and that of European and American countries will be shortened, and the industry will achieve a win-win situation," said Chen Jingcai.

Continuous R&D investment, innovation drives high quality development

In the face of the downward pressures and challenges of the global economic situation, Yizumi still remains continuous R&D investment and invests in the construction of the global innovation center, which reflects the confidence of Yizumi in the future development.

Chen Jingcai, Chairman of Yizumi, said: "The complex and ever-changing economic situation can also become an opportunity for transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. Yizumi is determined to drive the direction of high-quality development with innovation, and will continue to increase R&D investment. Our long-term strategic goals will not change because short-term market volatility."

In the past three years, Yizumi has invested nearly half of the net profit, more than 260 million Yuan, in R&D. According to Yizumi's 2019 semi-annual report, Yizumi's total investment in R&D in the first half of 2019 was 46.7621 million Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.72%.

Open and inclusive, building a new stage for talent development

The high-quality development of an enterprise requires the support of a large team of technological talents. Yizumi will make the global innovation center an open and global platform with a more inclusive attitude, and provide a broader stage for cultivating talents in the equipment industry.

Chen Jingcai said that in addition to technical engineers of Yizumi and its partners, the Global Innovation Center also will welcome talents from all over the world, focusing on fields such as materials, process applications, machinery, automation and software etc. Yizumi will use the Global Innovation Center as a platform to provide them with first-class venues, equipment, testing center and supporting services for their innovation. “We hope to attract and cultivate innovative talents with international perspectives, enabling them to make more and better contributions to the development of Yizumi and the mechanical equipment industry."

In this regard,Yizumi R&D personnel expressed great expectations. Xu Jun, applicationengineer of Yizumi New Material & Technology Tech Center, said: "Ijoined Yizumi for 2 years now; I have participated in the development of anumber of international technological solutions. I have learned a lot. I hopethat the new platform will attract outstanding talents from the industryintegrating different ideas and cultures, and jointly develop industry-leadingtechnical solutions."

Xu Jun, Yizumi application engineer of New Material & Technology Tech Center gives speech

Guests visiting Yizumi injection molding machine workshop

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