Yizumi-HPM Open House a big success


Recently Yizumi-HPM Open House has successfully concluded at Yizumi-HPM Technical Center in Iberia, Ohio of the US.

Over 20 customers with purchase intention visited the site, and more than half of the customers talked about purchase orders. They intended to purchase the A5-N machines and the newly launched model FF-N. One of the customers who has purchased 2 A5-N machines has reserved a 360A5-N machine on site and intends to purchase a FF225 machine plus manipulator.

At this Open Day event, there are 5 sets of machines on display, UN550DP-N with vertical auxiliary injection unit and rotary table, UN360A5-N with manipulator demonstrating live production. Also making live production are FE135-N, and PAC350K with 8-cavity mold and manipulator achieving 8-second cycle time.

By the end of October 2019, Yizumi-HPM has achieved sales of more than $6 million injection molding machines and is expected to reach the sales target of more than $7.5 million by the end of the year. The company's products have entered PAPP transnational auto parts customers and the Americas No.1 international mold manufacturer Integrity. Meanwhile, the first machine that meets the Canadian certification has been sold to Canada.

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