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Electric Injection Molding Machine Application Advantages in IMD Process

Presenter: MESUT YALCIN   YIZUMI GM Office Technical Support Adviser



 IMD In-mold decoration technology has been widely used in automobiles, home appliances, 3C and medical areas and it brings colorful and functional surface effects to products. However, how to improve yield rate and achieve higher return on investment is still the biggest demand in the industry. The keynote speech will focus on IMD process application and characteristics, core demands of product preparation, and advantages of electric injection molding machine for IMD process.

DirectPro – Long Fiber Direct Injection Molding

 Presenter: Philipp Ochotta      Product Manager of Lightweight and Multi-component Manufacturing System, Yizumi Germany GmbH



Long fibre reinforced plastics are widely used in automotive industry under the lightweight trend. However, the industry has been facing with problems including complex operation, high-costing granule, scarce fibre content and insufficient fibre length, etc. YIZUMI DirectPro Long Fibre Direct Injection Molding can significantly reduce fiber length loss caused by shearing, and achieve customization of fiber length, fiber ratio and material combination.

Industrial Pellet 3D Printing

Presenter: Nicolai Lammert     Head of Additive Manufacturing,Yizumi Germany GmbH  


SpaceA Industrial Pellet 3D Printing developed by YIZUMI Germany R&D Center will present some state-of-the-art solutions in molding structure, medium and large components, functional parts, online integration, etc. during YIZUMI Online Open Week. SpaceA can provide more possibilities for enterprises in small batch production of new-designed products.

Application of Multi-component Molding Under Small-batch and Multi-variety Production Mode

Presenter:MESUT YALCIN    YIZUMI GM Office Technical Support Adviser


Connecting with German technology, sharing multi-component forming application under the small batch and multi-variety production mode: W Series Piggyback Multi-component Injection Molding Machine application, BTP Series Multi-component Injection Molding Machine forming development and application of optional combination molding of injection units.

Application of Chemical Foaming in the Injection Molding Industry

Presenter:Kevin Wu    YIZUMI Overseas Business Center Pre-sales service engineer


Chemical foaming process can help to reduce the product weight by 5-30% and can eliminate surface sink marks or reduce deformation to a certain extent. The keynote speech will introduce YIZUMI Chemical Microcellular Foam Injection Molding Solution developed deeply based on Mucell technology.

Application of UN4000DP in Auto Parts, Logistics, and Eco-friendly Building Material Industries

 Presenter:Kevin Wu    YIZUMI Overseas Business Center Pre-sales service engineer


 UN4000DP Two-platen Injection Molding Machine can be used in logistics, building materials, environmental protection industries with the advantages of precision and stability, energy efficiency, special process application.

High Quality Surfaces in a Single Production Step

 Presenter:Sai Viswanath Yandamuri     Project engineer for Polymer Processing,Yizumi Germany GmbH



YIZUMI ReactPro Integrated Solution of Polyurethane and Injection Molding adopts In-mold coating process and InPUR “1+2” mold technology to realize one-step approach for the perfect surface with short cycle time, high efficiency and low cost.

Auto Bumper Integrated Automation Solution

Presenter:MESUT YALCIN                   YIZUMI GM Office Technical Support Adviser


Auto bumper production is moving towards lightweight, efficient, automated and intelligent. Focusing on the industry requirements, YIZUMI develops the Bumper Forming Automation Integrated Solution that based on UN3200DP two-platen injection molding machine. The complete solution is equipped with feeding system, molds, auxiliary automatic equipment, robots as well as YiMES Manufactory Execution System to achieve automatic, unmanned, informational bumper production.

The Impact of Microcellular Foaming Technology on the Costs

 Presenter: Kevin Wu    YIZUMI Overseas Business Center Pre-sales service engineer



The YIZUMI FoamPro-Chem microfoaming molding solution developed based on the MuCell technology has been successfully applied in the market. The speech will share how microfoaming can help customers achieve a higher return on investment in terms of weight reduction, production capacity and high yield rate combined with case studies.

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