Exhibition Preview| YIZUMI Four Solutions are ready for DMP Show


“Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo” (DMP for short) will be held on November 24th -27th in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. Come and see ranges of YIZUMI injection molding technical solutions and intelligent manufacturing solution at Booth 10D21.

On this exhibition, you will find out excellent system solutions based on FF series electric injection molding machine, including decorative panel of auto air outlet as well as 5G phone back frame.

Based on original Servo Direct Control (SDC) technology, the all-dimensions upgraded FF series electric injection molding machine is equipped with the latest R&D achievements, including SmartClamp intelligent system, the precision two-stage mold opening and closing technology combined with low-pressure injection function, carrying with advanced mold control technology with compression structure, in-mold decoration (IMD) technology, etc.

Exhibition Solution One

Injection Molding Solution for Spray-free Material

FF 300 Electric Injection Molding Machine

Part:Decorative Panel of Auto Air Outlet

Number of cavities:1

Material:Spray-free ABS

Part size (L×W): 310×227 mm

Part weight:135g

Wall thickness:2mm

Cycle time:30s

Partner:Zhaoxing KEYAN Mold, Shenzhen JIANCAI New Material

Exhibition Solution Two

IMDPro In-mold Decoration Molding Solution

FF 160 Electric Injection Molding Machine

Part:Mobile phone Back Frame

Number of cavities:1


Part size(L×W): 158×78mm

Part weight:17.7g

Wall thickness:0.7mm

Cycle time:25s

Partner:Guangzhou RIXIE, DIAO Craving, RSTUN Robot

In addition, YIZUMI will present one unit of UN220C-NSW European standard piggyback rotary shaft multi-component injection molding machine, which is equipped with hydraulic and electric hybrid technology, precise positioning technology for servo rotary shaft, triple-color combination molding technology, in-mold assembly technology, product molding process traceability technology, etc., providing more complex solutions for multi-component molding.

Exhibition Solution Three

MultiPro Triple-color Insulated Water Cup Assembly Molding Solution

Part:Triple-color Insulated Water Cup

Number of cavities:1+1+1

Material:PC + PC + PC

Part size (Height × Diameter): 130×75mm

Part weight:107.8g

Cycle time:43s

Partner: FOCARE Mould, Shenzhen DelphiLaser

In terms of intelligent manufacturing solution, Yi+ Platform YIZUMI intelligent manufacturing platform will be displayed on site. It is applied in the production process management of the polymer material forming industry. Integrating with IoT, Cloud, Big Data and other new generation ICT technologies, Yi+ Platform can effectively solve the issues of equipment monitoring, efficiency statistics, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, process parameter monitoring and traceability to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Visit YIZUMI at DMP 2020 to find out and learn about our exceptional process solutions and products. Welcome to our booth: 10D21

(The Data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference)

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