Customer’s Preference! YIZUMI Prove a Hit at Marula


Situated in Durban, South Africa, Marula Plastics Company (hereinafter referred to as Marula) specializes in tailor-made plastic products. In the middle of 2019, Marula purchased three more YIZUMI injection molding machines, which have been installed in October of that year and been put into production. For over a year, the machines have been operating stably and were highly praised by the customer.


The newly purchased D1 series two-platen injection molding machine and A5 series high-end servo injection molding machine offer clamping force of 480T, 650T, 700T respectively. The YIZUMI D1 700-ton was the first two-platen injection molding machine sold in the South African market, which mainly produce crates for bread and milk, some housewares and shopping baskets. Lang, head of the enterprise said: “The productivity of YIZUMI’s D1 700-ton injection molding machine is higher than that of previously used machines. Scrap rate is under 1.5% even with recycled material.”

Meanwhile, these three machines were ordered with YIZUMI robotic systems for part removal. Lang expressed that robotic system made a big difference in production, because robot is not only reducing the working intensity of operators but also show good stability.

Lang was so impressed with YIZUMI machine’s performance, after-sales service and the local agent since purchasing the first YIZUMI injection molding machine in 2016. Therefore, YIZUMI has now become Marula preferred supplier for injection molding machines as well as auxiliary equipment. It is no wonder that Marula increased orders in purchasing YIZUMI machines.

So far, Marula’s injection molding machines ranging from 60T-1100T are mainly used for producing commodity and household appliance processing and provide qualified products for customers in auto parts as well as recyclable industrial packaging industries.

YIZUMI’s sales have increased annually in the South African market. “I base this business on service,” said Moore, YIZUMI’s agent in South Africa. YIZUMI provides a number of solutions such as sophisticated car accessories, two-color components, cosmetic packaging, silicone molding, to meet customer needs in many ways.

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