YIZUMI:Implement Lean Manufacturing Method, Realize Assembly-line Production


In the injection molding machine industry, product quality depends not only on materials, configuration, most importantly depends on whether the companies have the capacity to manage and control during development as well as the batch production process.

YIZUMI introduced the lean manufacturing method in 2018 to achieve high-quality and rapid delivery. The improvement of the logistics system and the building of the assembly line ensure delicacy management through the whole processing chain, from components arrival to product delivery. At present, YIZUMI injection molding machine below 320 tons has been put into flow-line production, which is able to produce a unit of injection molding machine in 20 minutes. The cycle time is significantly shortened while the product failure rate is obviously reduced.

Better quality, faster delivery, lower cost

With multiple components, complicated procedures, large floor space, high-quality requirements, and great dependence on personnel’s skill levels, injection molding machine assembly is a systematic process, and it generates enormous challenges for enterprise operation when facing large orders.

YIZUMI has introduced the “continuous flow” of lean manufacturing method to the assembly procedure and built up clamping unit assembly line, electric box assembly line, injection unit assembly line as well as general assembly line. The entire production process has shortened the delivery time, effectively improved the product quality and output per unit.

Relying on the assembly line production, the injection molding machine capacity below 320T of YIZUMI has grown by about 60% year on year in 2020 when the hardware resources and personnel did not change a lot. The transformation of assembly-line production mode has played a huge role in improving the overall operational efficiency of YIZUMI.

Above all, YIZUMI constantly pursuits better qualified rate of products in terms of quality management. In the past few years, YIZUMI strictly controls the qualified rate of components, thus the failure rate of the finished product keeps dropping.

Standardized operation, high-level skills of the employees

  • Assembly line production leads to more specialized, specific working procedures, the skills of every assembly specialist are gradually standardized.

  • YIZUMI promotes staff training and examination, paying equal attention to theories and practices. Employees’ operating skills and assembly quality are both significantly increased based on grading and certification.

Traceability of the entire process

  • There are thousands of parts in a unit of injection molding machine. Any mistake caused by anyone or any process will be finally reflected in the machine. A form will record relevant information on every procedure to prevent errors and trace the problems.

  • Establish on-site management system, specify the responsible person to deal with the problems after they occur. If the problems are not solved, a red sign will be presented to alarm and the next procedure could not be carried out either. This could help to supervise the responsible person to work in a strict manner.

Visible management

Visible Kanban management including material management Kanban, scheduling Kanban, takt time is adopted to clarify production schedule, efficiency, and quality data, ensuring real-time tracing, precise management of schedule, and quality.

20 minutes for one unit of injection molding machine

  • Set up general assembly lines of injection molding machines below 320T, suitable for mixed line production of injection molding machine ranging from 60T to 350T;

  • The average takt time is 20 minutes, cycle time has been sharply reduced;

  • Achieve fixed position of duties, fixed post for the materials, the on--site operating status can be improved fundamentally.

* The Data above were acquired by testing in the YIZUMI factory, only for your reference, please refer to the actual equipment.

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