KESHUO: Intelligent Plant Solution


On the shop floor of Foshan Keshuo Precision Injection Molding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KESHUO), rows of injection molding machines almost exclusively from YIZUMI are rapidly producing products, while the manager is conducting production monitoring and order management.

That owes to the “cooperation workshop” based on the strategic agreement between KESHUO and YIZUMI for the first half of this year. Huang Wei, the General Manager of KESHUO was surprised by the present achievements and said will continue to cooperate with YIZUMI to improve the construction of the intelligent plant.

Tailor-made Turnkey Solution

KESHUO has been specializing in offering plastic parts for plastic encapsulated motors and DC motors since its inception in 2014. At present, its services have extended to the fields of air compressor, water pump, connector as well as plastic hardware. The company has its mold department, and all the molds are designed and manufactured by itself to ensure the high precision requirements of customers. Its main customers include some well-known enterprises such as Midea, Galanz, Welling, Luzhi.

Due to park upgrading, KESHUO joins forces with YIZUMI this year to build a smart factory. YIZUMI provided turnkey solutions ranging from plant interior design to manufacturing facilities, peripherals, and the MES system. At present, 22 units of YIZUMI injection molding machines are planned for the new plant, including A5S series servo machines and FF series electric injection molding machines.

“YIZUMI team is extremely professional and cooperative no matter in site design or debugging.” Huang Wei said.

Today, the enterprise has realized 24-hour production. The plastic parts of encapsulated motors in greatest demand are produced by FF electric injection molding machine. Its super high injection speed along with the smart injection control system not only effectively improve the production efficiency, and increase the production efficiency by over 20%, which is cleaner and more energy-saving than the traditional hydraulic machine.

“This is what we expect from electric machines!” Huang Wei expressed that in the injection molding industry, the daily output determines their profit without compromising quality. The high precision and low energy consumption of electric machines are the main reason he considers. They will continue investing in the future.



100% order traceability by YiMES

In the injection molding industry for more than ten years, Huang is open to new things. “I am willing to invest anything that can create values for our enterprise. It is why we introduced YIZUMI electric molding machine and YiMES system.”

Previously, the largest challenge for KESHUO is order management. It’s difficult for the manager to trace the schedule and delivery time of every order. YIZUMI technical team from the intelligent interconnection department analyzed KESHUO workshop at the scene and provided solutions connecting to every production process. After Keshuo introduced the YiMES Intelligent Manufacturing Execution System developed by YIZUMI, the company not only ensured 100% order traceability in production but also realized 100% process monitoring as well as full-cycle monitoring. The full-cycle monitoring includes order preparation, mold, collaborative production in pre-production, quality management, defects collection in mid-production, and data report in post-production.

Nowadays, a series of information such as order status, testing condition, production process, and qualified rate can be observed by managers through computers or mobile phones. Huang believed: “It can improve product quality as well as customers’ confidence in our quality management. Orders can be increased in this way.”

Huang Wei, General Manager of Foshan Keshuo Precision Injection Molding Co., Ltd

This is the first-phase fruit of KESHUO smart plant. Then, the next step will be to free workers from those repetitive tasks with peripherals such as automatic transfer, CDD vision inspector, and automatic packaging machine, for more valuable jobs.

YIZUMI team will keep perfecting the automatic solution and realize functions of energy monitoring, energy-saving reconstruction, human performance, etc. YIZUMI is devoted to achieving high customer requirements and ensuring the successful delivery of smart the plant solution.

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