【Chinaplas】YIZUMI to present new technological solution at Chinaplas 2019


Chinaplas 2019 will be held at the China Import & Export Complex, Guangzhou, China from May 21st to 24th. This year's exhibition is expected to attract more than 3,500 leading exhibitors from around the world and will attract more than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions.                  

Every year at Chinaplas, YIZUMI will present new technology and new solutions, and this year is no exception. Additionally, innovations from YIZUMI Germany and Franka Emika’s co-robot Franka Panda will also be showcased at the Yizumi booth.

ReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating molding solution

DP Series Two-platen Injection Molding Machine

Yizumi’s two-platen injection molding machine UN500DP equipped with Smart Clamp system and InPUR “1+2” mold technology, can realize cost-effective and flexible ReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating injection molding process; By accommodating the SpaceA flexible additive manufacturing system, “printing” a layer of sealing structure, the solution can achieve the combination of large-scale injection molding manufacturing and customization.


● InPUR “1+2” mold technology, one-step molding, short cycle time, high output and low cost

● Excellent product quality, high grade, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, self-repair

● Combination of large-scale injection molding manufacturing and customization

● Environmentally friendly



Application Example(UN500DP)

Part: engine cover

Number of cavities: 1+2

Material: PA6 + ABS GF20 + PU surface

Size (L x W x H): 400 x 350 x 25 mm

Weight: 450g

Cycle time: 60s

Partners: GK Concept Frimo AKRO-PLASTIC Votteler SAR


MultiPro Injection Molding Solution

C Series High-end Multi-material Injection Molding Machine

Yizumi UN550C-BTP wide-platen high-end multi-material injection molding machine equipped with “smart compensation technology for molding defects”, “precise positioning technology for servo turntable”, “low-speed control technology” as well as EU70.1 magnetic template integrated control solution in a bid to provide a set of more cost-effective option for stable molding and customization of lights cover in automotive industry.

● Higher stability: molding stability is improved by the “molding defect intelligent compensation technology”, and the product weight repeatability is up to 1‰

● Higher turntable control accuracy: the turntable action is fast and stable, and the positioning repeatability is ±0.001 degree

● Better medium and low speed control stability: The system achieves smooth injection at speeds below 5%, and the speed deviation is ≤5‰, which enables the low speed molded products to obtain a better molding process

Application Example(UN550C-BTP)

Part: Two-color taillight cover

Number of cavities: 2+2

Material: PMMA+PMMA

Size(L×W×H): 280×150×28mm

Weight: 107g

Cycle time: 60s

Partner: Zhejiang Tianchong(mold)


PacPro Injection Molding Solution for Thin-walled Packaging

High-speed IML thin-walled injection molding system

The PAC series of thin-walled injection molding system solution is suitable for high-speed injection molding of thin-walled packaging products with stable, efficient and mature technology, tailoring to the needs of the customers with a one-stop solution, delivering high-quality injection molding solutions, including machines, molds, auxiliary equipment, after-sales services and turnkey projects to meet the diversified production needs of the customers in the future.

● Short cycle time, effectively improve production efficiency

● High quality and high precision

● Reduce manufacturing cost




Application Example(PAC200)

Part: 110m IML container


Number of cavities: 4

Material: PP

Size (Φ x H):80 x 32mm

Weight: 3g

Cycle time:2.5s

Partner: SWITEK

Raw material: SABIC


Small and Medium Precision Medical Device Injection Molding Solution

FF Series All-electric Injection Molding Machine

Yizumi FF120 all-electric injection molding machine is equipped with Servo Direct Control, a latest R&D achievement by Yizumi; it showcases the technique of how to easily overcome the issues of “severe precision and difficulty of stability” in the medical industry and create an excellent cost-effective solution for the customers.

● Efficient: cycle time is 15s shorter than traditional solution, the pass rate is increased by 8%, and production efficiency is increased by 37%

● Precision: product dimensional deviation within 0.03mm

● Energy-saving: average power consumption is 2 degrees / hour, saving 50% of the economic cost

● Environmentally friendly: avoid environmental pollution caused by oil leakage and water leakage, in line with the requirements of dust-free workshop; the noise level of the machine is below 10db




Application Example(FF120)

Part: medical blood tube filter

Number of cavities:  8

Material: pp

Size: Φ 16mm, (H)30.33mm

Weight: 0.64g *8

Cycle time: 10.9s



Franka Pick-up & Detection Solution

Franka Emika Panda

The co-robot of Franka Emika uses G language graphics programming and drag-and-drop teaching to easily complete the flexible assembly work that industrial robots can't complete, and demonstrates the human-machine collaborative production under the concept of Industry 4.0.

● Safety: 7-axis torque sensing, touch and stop

● Easy to use: drag-and-drop teaching and G language programming, easy to use like using a smart phone

● Flexible: 0.1mm repeat positioning accuracy, adaptive and self-learning

Application Example(Panda Co-robot)

The robot grips the circuit board; compliance check by electrical components; place the qualified/non-conforming product separately.

Solution Difficulties:

Relying on the torsion force, the PCB board can be accurately inserted into the terminal without the need of visual aid, and the PCB board and the terminal are not damaged.

For further information on the YIZUMI advanced technologies, solutions and products, please visit YIZUMI IMM booth 3.1F41.


(Data above are reference criterions for factory tests)





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