【Chinaplas 2019】Yizumi rubber machines on display


Focus on technology innovation, Yizumi Rubber Machinery develops proprietary technologies in plasticizing unit, injection unit, clamping unit, heating system, control system and software within the past decade. Now Yizumi has nearly 30 patents.

Yizumi rubber injection moulding machines and solutions have been widely applied in many different fields, such as automobile, energy, electronic, railway transportation, medical care, and household appliances. The company has rich practical experience which ensures the safety, reliability and efficiency of each machine, while its modular design and flexible solutions can meet various personalized needs from customers in different fields.

YIZUMI will display the following two machines in Chinaplas 2019(Booth: 10.1F41):YL2-V200L Asian Standard RIM, and YL2-V440L European Standard RIM.

YL2-V200L Asian Standard Rubber Injection Moulding Machine

Yizumi leads the in-depth modular design application in rubber injection machine industry. Following the high-bed structure of Asian conventional mold design, Asian standard RIM YL2-V200L implements a full set of forefront design concepts and methods. Combining with advanced machining technology, we provide machines superior to conventional technology at lower cost to create greater value for customer.

Machine Features:

● Patented “three-balanced vertical injection cylinder” structure, high

● Patented “three-balanced vertical injection cylinder” structure, high injection pressure, good stability, wide application range of rubber material

● Optimum piston assembly structure, easy disassembly, quick charging of material

● Oil tank on right hand side of clamping unit, high-bed design, multi-layer ejector system can be either installed in the front side or at the rear side

● Thermodynamics FEA, dissects the heating conduction and thermal radiation of heating system, ensures low energy consumption, and precise temperature control

● Fast responding Siemens PLC, Version 4 proprietary software, free-editable and upgrading of various processes

● Oil tempering unit with extended service life and low carbon deposition

YL2-V440L European Standard Rubber Injection Moulding Machine

European Standard RIM YL2-V440L, bench-mark to the performance requirements and safety standards of European market, with in-depth modular design and advance research, Yizumi can satisfy customer’s high standard customized requirements with faster response, lower cost and zero risk. Focus on every details of heating and motion energy consumption, provide user friendly operation, Yizumi help customers to achieve the lowest TCO and intelligent production.

Machine Features:

● Patented injection unit, excellent injection stability, deviation of product weight repeatability is 3%

● Three-step closing mechanism, low-bed design, high rigidity, energy-efficient clamping structure

● Servo system, close loop control for flow and pressure, the machine runs more quickly, precisely and stably

● Thermodynamics FEA, dissects the heating conduction and thermal radiation of heating system; heating plate design suitable for European customers

● Support high-speed communication with MES system and control center; support remote wireless monitoring and data updating;

● CE safety compliance

● Machine preventive maintenance



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