From 5G to Europe's cutting-edge technology, the highlights of the Yizumi seminar at ChinaDiecasting 2019


Yizumi Advanced Metal Forming Technology Seminar 5G session was held at the China Dieasting 2019. Nearly 80 people including the industry experts, customers partners and media. At the meeting, the guests discussed and shared 5G die castings, automation, industrial interconnection, and cutting-edge technologies in Europe.

Stefan Fritsche, Chief Strategy Officer, Yizumi Die Casting and Metal Forming

“In the next 5-10 years, OEMs will enter large investments, face constant cost pressures, and face huge investment, mergers and acquisitions, alliances and joint R&D issues. Larger OEM platforms require suppliers to invest more and go international. Die-casting is, and will continue to be OEM-cost-effective and competitive manufacturing processe, but the die-casting and die-casting industries need to continuously improve operational quality (reduce costs) and participate in process development."

Jing Baiheng, Senior Engineer and Technical Director of Zhuhai Runxingtai

“Runxingtai's semi-solid slurry preparation technology is simple and efficient, which solves the effective control of the uniform solidification process of large-volume aluminum alloy melt, and establishes a new aluminum alloy solidification control slurry treatment, transportation, die-casting and workpiece integration, fully automatic, high-efficiency large-scale thin-walled material rheological die-casting production line, successfully developed and produced ultra-large ultra-thin aluminum alloy thin-walled parts for 5G communication base station. The latest product 5G communication base station heat-dissipating shell exhibited at this exhibition, its dimensions 904*446*136, main wall thickness 3.0mm, heat dissipation tooth height 100mm, tooth top thickness 1.0mm, draft angle 0.8°C, leading the industry development, was awarded the gold medal of the 14th China International Die Casting Conference and Exhibition."

Yang Yongmin, Chief Engineer of Yizumi Robot Automation Systems

“Yizumi robot help realized the automation of 5G large-scale die-casting parts production, and at the same time, in the 5G era,  we move forward to intelligentization. On the basis of the automation solutions, the IoT cloud platform was developed by adding sensors. The die-casting production process was obtained through sensors. More data in the cloud, using the powerful computing power of the cloud platform to achieve data monitoring and display of production processes, threshold alarms, etc., further realize the analysis of production process parameters based on the accumulation of data, so as to give equipment maintenance recommendations and parameter optimization of production process suggestion."

Niu Jianwen, Yizumi Intelligent Interconnect Project Director

"5G has come, but most of our enterprise equipment interconnection is still in the '0'G era! The most important thing at the moment is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through IT technology according to the management pain points of enterprises, instead of waiting for more advanced 5G technology. In terms of technology, 4G can meet the needs of most production management of enterprises. However, one possibility that 5G provides for future manufacturing is the construction of the internal network of the workshop, reducing the investment of the original network engineering, and deploying 5G micro directly in the factory. Base stations are better able to meet the communication needs of mobile devices such as AGVs, forklifts and large data devices. Yizumi's Molding and Intelligent Equipment IIOT platform is willing to cooperate with 5G technology to provide customers with the best cost-effective device interconnection and digital solutions."

Deng Zhiwei, Senior Service Manager of Yizumi Die Casting

"5G communication base station parts (filters) are larger in size, complex in structure, and require high internal quality, requiring more stable injection molding performance, higher speed, and faster pressurization time. Yizumi heavy-duty die-casting machine adopts the fifth generation real-time control, uniform acceleration and slow control to achieve effective exhaust; real-time correction of key process parameters to achieve high repeatability production; acceleration and build-up time is short, to achieve better die-casting process, more suitable for die-casting of 5G communication base station parts. ”

Wang Baosheng, Yizumi Hydraulic Supervisor

"According to the current method of calculating the acceleration in most of China, the injection acceleration of the small and medium-sized die-casting machine of Yizumi can reach 40G, and some models can reach 60G. The exhibiting machine DM500H, the injection acceleration>60G."

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