Wuhan Sunny Mould: Maintaining growth with automotive integrated components


As the automotive industry enters the era of stock competition, China's auto suppliers also explores new kinetic energy, from high-speed growth to high-quality development, providing automobile companies with more competitive products.

Wuhan Sunny Mould, located in China's automobile city, focuses on the design, development and manufacture of automotive interior and exterior functional components. In recent years, the company has taken the initiative to produce automotive components to integrated functional components, driving new growth with new technologies and processes.

Yizumi Injection Molding Machines Were Purchased for 5 Production Bases Worldwide through 10 Years of Cooperation

Wuhan Mould was founded in 2016. Its parent company——Ningbo Sunny Mould Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing injection molds as well as developing, manufacturing, processing, and assembling automotive interior functional parts. Immersed in the industry for nearly 20 years, the company is well experienced, especially in making automotive air vent and other functional components. With an independent air vent laboratory, it is able to fulfill the main requirements for air vent testing. Its “LN200 Air Vent Bi-color Core-stripping Rotary Mold” was awarded the first prize of “Fine Mold Award” by the China Mold Industry Association. Currently, Sunny Mould has established a customer group including a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson Controls, MAGNA, and Visteon Corporation. It now has subsidiaries in Anhui Chuzhou, Wuhan, Liuzhou, and Indonesia.

Because of the stable performance of Yizumi injection molding machines in the production of air vent components, Sunny Mould has closely cooperated with Yizumi in the past 10 years. It has purchased from Yizumi more than 40 machines for the 5 subsidiaries. Among them, Wuhan Sunny Mould purchased a number of UN260A5, UN650A5, and UN1400D1 three-platen and two-platen machines to be used in the production of automotive fog lamp cover, grille, air vent, dashboard, and other interior decorative parts.

Director of Manufacturing department of Wuhan Sunny Mounld, Gang Liao said: “The company’s investment in equipment is leaning toward large two-platen machines. The reason we choose Yizumi’s two-platen machine is that we see Yizumi attaches great importance to process and technology innovation. In the areas such as low pressure injection and microcellular foaming, the technical teams of both companies have made communication and interaction and expressed wishes for a long-term strategic cooperation.”

Manufacturing Department Director of Wuhan Sunny Mould, Liao Gang

Grow Business against downturn with automotive integrated components

At present, Yizumi’s two-platen injection molding machines are running stably at Wuhan Sunny Mould. The pass rate of products such as fog lamp cover with high-gloss surface finish exceeds 93%, significantly reducing the material scrap due to defective products.

“The various technologies in the automotive industry are being iteratively updated. We also need to continuously upgrade. Be it equipment, process or automation technology, we will continue to innovate and create new growth points for the company.” Liao Gang said. Since last year, the company has expanded its integrated functional components to enhance product added value and competitiveness.

Integrated functional component is not simply a collection of multiple parts assembled together. There are strict technical requirements. Taking air vent assembly as an example, it is composed of housing, blades, flaps, electroplating parts, sealing parts, felt gaskets, clips, etc. The requirement goes not only to appearance, size, and assembly, but also to their performance. For instance, testing the force required to move the flap, the whistling sound or air leakage after closing the air vent, etc. “We will also get involved in mold development, design products synchronously with customers, and optimize the performance of the integrated functional components.” said Liao.

Wuhan Sunny Mould is now supplying the automotive grille assembly, dashboard instrument cluster, air vent assembly, and other functional components to customers including Volvo, Chevrolet, and other brands. Factory orders continue to grow. Factory orders continue to grow with products that carry higher added value.

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