【Video】Yizumi’s A5S assists customers to produce respirators for Wuhan rescue


Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus infection, Wuhan Hubei and many other cities have experienced severe shortage of medical supplies. In order to provide frontline support to Wuhan, Yizumi’s customers – Ahead Technology (Shenzhen) and Ahead Technology (Hunan) actively responded to the call of the nation. Despite the spring holidays, they resumed immediately the production of supplies badly needed by the Leishenshan and Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan.

As the key suppliers of Hunan Beyond Medical Technology Co.,Ltd and LEPU Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, Ahead Technology (Shenzhen) and Ahead Technology (Hunan) received purchase orders for respirator body frames and atomizers in large quantities. To fulfill the urgent demand of medical institutions and ensure that patients in Hubei receive treatment as soon as possible, Hunan Ahead Technology resumed the full production early with workers working two shifts around the clock. The following is the report by CCTV News Channel on the production site of Hunan Ahead Technology:

The respirator body frames shown in the video above are made with Yizumi’s high-end A5S Servo Injection Molding Machine, operating around the clock with a production yield higher than 99%. These products are now ready for use at the Leishenshan Hospital.

The production workshop of Hunan Ahead Technology Co., Ltd.

As the epidemic is the concern of everyone in the nation, it is now more than ever calling for the unity of the people nationwide to win the battle against the disease. It needs also the support and coordination of the industries along the entire supply chain. Being the equipment manufacturer, Yizimi has resumed the operation to provide full support to our customers in the effort to produce supplies needed in this fight.

Hunan local television station reported that the Hunan Ahead Technology Co., Ltd. has resumed the operation early for Wuhan rescue

Thermometer components (made with Yizumi’s UN160A5S machine)

Customer Information

Founded in 2008, Ahead Technology (HK) Ltd. Is a company headquartered in Hong Kong. Its subsidiary, Ahead Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in the same year, with its focus on the manufacturing of plastic molds and injection molding. The Hunan subsidiary was established later in 2017, specialized in precision molds for export and manufacturing of medical molding products supplying industries in medical devices, new energy, automobile, and home appliances fields. Among them, the respirator body frames and atomizer are two of their primary products.

The partnership between Ahead Technology and Yizumi started in 2010. Since then, they have purchased dozens of A5S and SM series injection molding machines from Yizumi.

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