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Since the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the medical supplies including face masks, medical protective clothing, goggles, disinfectants, and hand sanitizer have all been scarce nationwide.  To support the prevention and control work in the country, the medical supply manufacturers are running their production lines around the clock.

Yizumi injection molding machines are playing their roles with their high efficiency, precision, and stable performance to help medical supply companies in the effort to boost the output and secure product quality. While the battle against the epidemic is far from over, Yizumi already resumed its production on February 10. At present, the monthly production of injection molding machines is around 400 units. To support the nation’s front line of medical protection, Yizumi will prioritize the orders placed by the companies in the medical industry and help their production resumption.

Hopefull Medical Equipment

Located in Xianning, Hubei, Hopefull Medical Equipment Co. Ltd is the leading brand in China’s hospital bed manufacturing industry. Currently, more than 1,000 domestic hospitals are using Hopefull beds on a large scale. During the epidemic outbreak, Hopefull Medical urgently mobilized both upstream and downstream supply chains for the campaign production starting on the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year after receiving the purchase orders of more than 5,000 hospital beds for the emergency supply needs at Wuhan Leishenshan, Huoshenshan, and other hospitals in Hubei. After days of working around the clock, Hopefull Medical has started to rush out the hospital beds on January 30 to Wuhan Huoshenshan, Leishenshan, and other hospitals in Huanggang and Chibi that have urgent needs.

While Hopefull Medical is working day and night, multiple injection molding machines made by Yizumi are playing a major role in the continuous production of the headboard, tailboard, and bedside cabinet. The reliable performance of the machine ensures a stable production during the surge of customer orders. To fulfill the increasing orders for hospital beds, at noon of February 20, Hopefull Medical placed an emergency order for Yizumi UN650A5S injection molding machines. Yizumi responded promptly by arranging machine assembly and overcoming logistic difficulties immediately. The equipment was completed and hit the road to Xianning on the afternoon of the next day.

ICU at Huoshenshan Hospital

Hopefull Medical is producing hospital beds day and night

Ahead Technology

As a key supplier to Hunan Beyond Medical Technology Co., Ltd and LEPU Medical Co., Ltd, Ahead Technology (Shenzhen) and Hunan Ahead Technology received orders for a large number of respirator body frames and atomizers after the outbreak of COVID-19. To fulfill the urgent demand of medical institutions and ensure that patients in Hubei receive treatment as soon as possible, Hunan Ahead Technology resumed the full production early with workers working two shifts around the clock.

In Hunan Ahead Technology workshop, more than ten Yizumi high-end A5S Servo Injection Molding Machines are making respirator body frames day and night. These products have arrived at Leishenshan hospital for use.

Wuhan W.E.O. Science & Technology Development

As a local medical device manufacturer in Wuhan, W.E.O. Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd joined the battle against epidemic with resolve under the pressure of city shutdown and transported medical supplies to Wuhan medical institutions multiple times. Furthermore, the company donated some urgently needed medical supplies to Huoshenshan hospital to support those fighting on the front line. W.E.O. Science & Technology Development currently has resumed the production to ensure the timely and adequate supply of medical devices during this extraordinary period.

Medical consumables have stringent product quality requirements. As a domestic manufacturer specialized in production of high-precision medical filter and infusion devices, W.E.O. maintains a strategic relationship with Yizumi and has purchased several dozens of FE series all-electric injection molding machines, FF electric injection molding machines, and A5 high-end servo injection molding machines from Yizumi. Most medical consumables are made of transparent materials without dark spots and free of contamination. The requirements for dimensional accuracy and consistency are extremely high. Yizumi’s electric injection molding machines not only meet the product molding requirements with high precision, but also help to achieve the operation in a dust-free work environment as required in the medical supply manufacturing industry.

Sanxin Medtec

Founded in 1997, Jiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 300453) is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of medical devices. It is also the first domestic listed company in medical infusion device manufacturing industry. Relying on its sound quality management system and a proven R&D model, Sanxin Medtec offers five series of products including blood purification, catheter tubing, infusion and transfusion, syringe and cardiothoracic surgery. Since the epidemic outbreak, Sanxin Medtec not only made immediate monetary donation but also worked against all odds to deliver dialysis concentrate to Wuhan medical institutions. Sanxin Medtec resumed the production of its major medical products on January 31 to ensure the normal supply of medical devices.

At their production bases in Jiangxi, Yunnan, and Sichuan, Sanxin Medtec are producing the blood purification, catheter tubing, infusion and transfusion products as well as syringes using several dozens of injection molding machines made by Yizumi. Yizumi’s injection molding machines are equipped with special screws for accelerated plasticizing speed and improved accuracy and repeatability. They can perfectly fulfill the requirements in transparency and dimensional accuracy with stable performance and safeguard the busy operation after the resumption of production.

UNDIS Medical

Founded in 2012, Shaoxing UNDIS Medical Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of medical devices. In its 100,000 class cleanroom, UNDIS employs Yizumi A5 high-end servo injection molding machines to produce fittings for breathing circuit/anesthesia circuit, and filters. These types of transparent medical kits allow no surface defects and require stable performance of the injection molding machine. Yizumi A5 injection molding machines have been serving UNDIS since 2018 and are known for their stability and precision in production of medical devices. They can easily meet the stringent surface quality and dimensional accuracy requirements with a production yield over 99%.

During this epidemic outbreak, other than supply shortage in medical fields, the demand for sterilization and protective products is also extremely high. Enterprises are making great efforts to ensure the supply of various products after resuming the production. Among them are Zhongshan Luencheong Dispensing Pump Ltd (dispensing pumps and aerosol valves), Dongguan Sanjia Optical Technology Co., Ltd (protective goggles), and Shandong Zhenxing Plastics (disinfectant/hand sanitizer PTE bottles). Yizumi equipment is also widely used by the above mentioned customers in the production of sterilization and protective products to safeguard their productivity.

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