Yizumi successfully presented at Expo Plasticos, Mexico


The overseas business of Yizumi has been growing in recent years, and this is inseparable from the contribution of agents from all continents of the world to promote Yizumi products continuously through participating in overseas industry exhibitions; increasing product exposure and enhancing Yizumi's brand on the industry stage.

From March 11-13, 2020, at Expo Plasticos in Mexico, the Mexican agent presented two series of three participating models, 160SKII, 320skII, and FF120 in the exhibition. The SKII Series Variable Pump Injection Molding Machine can be used in the production of daily dishes and beer glasses, while the FF series All-electric injection Molding Machine 120T can produce medical filters. Values and advantages are obtained with higher precision, better product quality, stability and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving.

From the R&D and production of our first injection molding machine in 2002 to ranking top in the top in the industry, Yizumi's products are trusted and recognized by agents with our quality guarantee and unremitting pursuit of technology. Yizumi will continue to provide global clients with high-quality products and better customer services as we always do.

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