A Company Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Stock Code 300415

  • America

    13 sales and service representatives

    One service center and production base

  • Africa & The Middle East

    6 sales and service representatives in Africa

    14 sales and service representatives in the Middle East

  • Europe

    21 sales and service representatives

  • Asia & Oceania

    India technical service center

    38 sales and service representatives

    India production base (under construction)

  • China

    Headquarters in Shunde

    55 sales and service offices

    East China technology service center

    Three production bases covering nearly 300,000 sqm


Customer satisfaction is our perpetual pursuit. Yizumi is always concerned with customer needs. To reduce downtime of customers’ machines, Yizumi’s service center has developed a complete set of service procedures based on a decade of experience, repairing customers’ machines with the shortest response time and improving the operation rate of customers’ machines.

0production bases
More than 30 overseas authorized agents
Businesses span across more than 60 countries and regions

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