• YL2-ATL Series Silicone Injection Moulding Machine


    Lead The Trend Of Composite
    Insulation Products Moulding Technologies

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  • High Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption Design

    High efficiency and low energy consumption hydraulic system design, electrical closed-loop variable pumps available as optional device;

  • Higher Precision Control

    It uses a high-performance proportional pressure and flow valve proportional PQ control system;

  • High-quality Hydraulic Components

    The high-performance proportional pressure and flow valves; it leverages on the imported hydraulic valves from Japan or Germany, and the imported high-quality sealing components, making sure that the whole set of hydraulic system is reliable and durable;

  • Higher Safety

    The full open double hands operating silicone feeding device enables the resin material to be delivered from the top to the bottom, thereby lowering the manpower consumption, while maintaining the safety as well as convenience;

  • More Professional

    It has a patented technology of insulator specialized moulding equipment

  • Higher Stability

    The patented technology capitalizes on a structure, whereby the oil tank of the closing mold is on top with the closing mold below, such that it can inject from the base section. As the product/core rod stays on top of the fixed mold plate and does not move with the moving mold plate, it further ensures the moulding quality of the finished product is extremely stable;

  • Higher Convenience

    Remote modules available, achieving remote wireless monitoring and maintenance;


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