• Robotic Electrostatic Spraying System

    Accurate Spray Painting
    Safe and Reliable

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  • PLC System

    HMI color touch screen from Mitsubishi or Siemens has the function of quick information enquiry, parameter setting, alarm and detection, etc.

  • Control Cabinet

    Sourced from internationally renowned brands such as Mitsubishi, Siemens and Omron, the electrical components are stable and reliable.

  • Demonstration

    It uses graphical interface which is both intuitive and simplified. One-stop programming facilitates easy operation.

  • Safer

    All equipment is under integrated control. The safe interlocking, extra safe design concepts and comprehensive testing and alarm functions can ensure the safety of equipment and working personnel. The imported shockproof unit combined with safety ladder and safety maintenance platform as a standard feature significantly increases the level of safety.

  • Higher First Pass Yield

    The particles of the mold releasing agent adhere to the surface evenly, greatly increasing the first pass yield and smoothness of the product surface.

  • High Reliability and Stability

    The system is integrated with different brands of 6-axis industrial foundry robots, such as FANUC, KUKA and ABB. The system has an IP rating and flexibly adjustable spray painting angles.

  • Higher Efficiency

    It utilizes a Japanese imported flow meter, fulfilling the accurate testing requirements of oil-based mold release agent. With the technique of terminal electrostatic discharge, the mold release agent particles are adsorbed by magnetic field lines, without point-to-point spray painting. The spray painting time is greatly shortened.

  • Environmentally Friendly and Durable

    The system uses an imported spray gun.  Traces of oil-based mold release agent can be sprayed without being proportionally mixed with water before use, which is environmentally friendly with no need of waste water treatment. The mold has no hot expansion and cold contraction effects, improving the lifespan of mold.



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