• Robotic Polishing and Deburring System

    Accurate and Stable
    for Higher Product Quality

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  • Demonstration

    It uses graphical interface which is both intuitive and simplified. One-stop programming facilitates easy operation.

  • PLC System

    HMI color touch screen from Mitsubishi or Siemens has the function of quick information enquiry, parameter setting, alarm and detection, etc.

  • Control Cabinet

    Sourced from internationally renowned brands such as Mitsubishi, Siemens and Omron, the electrical components are stable and reliable.

  • High Reliability and Stability

    The system is integrated with different brands of 6-axis industrial foundry robots, such as FANUC, KUKA and ABB. The system has an IP rating and its movements are flexible thanks to flexible programming.

  • Higher Efficiency

    The imported low-power electric main grinding spindle, combined with a specialized aluminum cutting tool and an imported grinding head,  has higher precision and better stability. Due to the variety of flashes and burrs of workpieces, the system can change the cutting tool automatically or it can be equipped with different tools.

  • Multifaceted and Multi-angle

    Equipping with a servo positioner, the system allows 360°accurate rotation of the parts and ensures that the parts are polished and deburred in all dimensions. The floating deburring device can be deflected in 360° and it can be applied to precision machining of different materials and workpieces.

  • Safer

    All equipment is under integrated control. The functions of safe interlock, detection and alarm are complete, ensuring the safety of equipment. In a fully-closed operating environment, the tool detection and lubrication are carried out automatically. Automatic dust emission is safe and efficient.



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