Hironaka Heisuke , an emeritus professor from Kyoto University, says that man seems to be born with something like spring. Whether mancan give full scope to the inherent character of spring or not determines his capacity and significance of life. The difference betweenhuman beings and animals or machines is that man has the character of spring. The name of Yizumi symbolizes the continuing vitality, wisdom and creativity of Yizumi people (Yi Ge) who unremittingly create value and provide new experiences for customers, just like the spring, flowing endlessly.


Corporate Image Mascot “Yi Ge”

Every staff member of Yizumi is called “YI GE.” It is our corporate image ambassador. “YI GE” implies that staff of Yizumi are hardworking and down-to-earth and have a mentality of generosity, tolerance and actively seeking change.


Respect and Perspective Taking

Yizumi advocates “people-centered” corporate culture and motivates employees to take on responsibility for their jobs and taps their potential to the full through positive envrionmental influence, so that they will develop with the company while pursuing excellence. Furthermore, we encourage and try to create a managerial atmosphere of empowerment and forgiveness.

Family Open House

In Yizumi, every employee is called “Yi Ge” and all Yi Ges have a common family called “Yi Jia.” “Yi Jia” belongs to every Yi Ge as well as the family of every Yi Ge. The development of Yizumi over the years  would be impossible without hard-working employees and families who back them.

The family open house hosted by Yizumi enables families of employees to experience the happiness of working at Yizumi and the productive lives as a Yi Ge. This activity is also expected to serve as a platform for communication between the company, employees and their family members, so that employees can work at Yizumi without any worrry.

Cultural & Sports Festival

Yizumi, a stage where Yi Ges train and showcase themselves, advocate comprehensive development and teamwork of the staff.

Cultural & Sports Festival contains a series of activities specifically designed for different categories of employees. For example, the “Yizumi Technology Exchange Summit” allows the research, development and design personnel to exchange ideas about the products and share information on cutting-edge technology. “Yizumi Operations and Management Summit” allows the operations and production support personnel to share the challenges and opportunities in operations and explore more effective operating models. The “Skill Talents Challenge” allows the frontline workers to compete on skills. At the same time, a wide variety of sports competitions and fun challenges are also carried out.

Such diverse activities nuture employees’ systematic thinking at work, so that they can make contribution to Yizumi’s goal of becoming a world-class business.  

Annual Meeting

At the end of every year, Yizumi invites all employees to gather together, reviewing the work and results of the past year and rewarding the outstanding employees to boost the morale of staff and create positive working atmosphere. The exhilarating performances activate the on-site atmosphere, increase the communication and teamwork awareness among the employees and deepen the sense of belonging to Yizumi. In the new year, Yizumi’s staff will move forward along the path to accomplish the common goal, to make more achievements, to realize the dream and to make the business more sustainable.

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