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    YIZUMI Online Open Week 2020 will be held in Wujiang, China from September 14 to 18, 2020. With the theme of “Connecting China and Europe, Smarter Future", the event aims to create a platform to explore advanced injection molding technology in the smart future. More than 14 advanced solutions will be displayed on the site. It is noteworthy that the open week will be held through online platform for the first time to global customers to participate in the event online with us. YIZUMI sincerely invites you to experience the advanced solutions that could shape the future together. Looking forward to your participation!

    YIZUMI Online Open Week 2020—Event Pictures

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    • Experience YIZUMI Industrial Internet Platform

      Yi+ Intelligent Manufacturing Platform & Yi+ AR Digital Twin


    • Machines Display

      Gather new equipment. New technologies. New materials. New Processes


    • Online Introduction of Machine Solutions

      Discover with Experts


    • Online Technology Seminar

      Share Perspectives about Industry Trends


    • Online Open Week 2020 Press Conference

      Looking forward to the future of injection molding


    • Online Tour in the Workshop

      Online tour in the YIZUMI Wujiang and Wusha production bases




      YIZUMI GM Office Technical Support Adviser


      YIZUMI GM Office Technical Support Adviser

      Mesut YALÇIN studied Mechanical&Metal Technology Teaching and second branch Polymer Technology at Marmara University Istanbul/Turkey until 2004. Afterwards, he worked as production responsible engineer for 3 years and New Technologies Process Development Specialist for 8 years at the automotive industry Tier-1 company (Farplas A.S.).

      He developed and managed several projects for OEM companies which are; first Mucell project for Toyota in 2012, first IMD (In Mold Decoration) project for Toyota CHR SUV in 2016. 2K Over-Molding(ABS+PMMA) and A-Pillar Fabric Back Injection projects for Renault Clio in 2017-8, Crash Pad (IP) and Spoiler assembly and production line for Hyundai I20 in 2018-9.

      He also managed and worked for state-supported R&D projects which are; Shaping and Improvement Functionality with Continuous Fiber Reinforced (Fiat Group - Battery Tray), Customization and Improving visual specification automotive interior parts with in mold decoration process, Weight reduction of exterior automotive parts with physical Foaming. Weight reduction of automotive parts with chemical foaming.

      Since 19th of April 2019 He is Technical Support Adviser-GM office at YIZUMI China. He gives technical support for the turn-key solution and new technology investment projects worldwide.

    • Philipp Ochotta

      Product Manager of Lightweight and Multi-component Manufacturing System, YIZUMI Germany GmbH

      Philipp Ochotta

      Product Manager of Lightweight and Multi-component Manufacturing System, YIZUMI Germany GmbH

      Philipp Ochotta studied Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Technology at RWTH Aachen University from Oct 2007 until Nov 2013. Afterwards, he made his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) at the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen university from Dec 2013 until May 2018. Philipp Ochotta is Head of Lightweight Design and Multi Material Systems at Yizumi Germany from Sep 2018 until now. There, he is responsible for the development of standard solutions for special process production cells, e.g. DirectPro, Magnesium Injection Molding (Thixomolding) and Plastics/Metal hybrid technologies. Additionally, he and his German team supports YZM with technical sales service and helps to build up a worldwide technical sales group for above mentioned special processes.

    • Nicolai Lammert, M.Sc.RWTH

      Head of Additive Manufacturing, YIZUMI Germany GmbH

      Nicolai Lammert, M.Sc.RWTH

      Head of Additive Manufacturing, YIZUMI Germany GmbH

      Nicolai Lammert studied Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen until Sept. 2013 and graduated as Master of Science RWTH Aachen University (M.Sc.RWTH). Thereafter he was 3 years responsible for Foam injection Moulding and Injection Mould Technologies at the Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) at the RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany, and chaired the work group Injection Mould Technology. Additionally, he chaired from June 2015 to May 2018 the work group Additive Manufacturing at the IKV. Since 01rst of June 2019 he leads the Business Unit “Additive Manufacturing” at Yizumi Germany GmbH, Aachen, Germany.

    • Kevin Wu

      YIZUMI Overseas Business Center Pre-sales service

      Kevin Wu

      YIZUMI Overseas Business Center Pre-sales service

      Kevin Wu, post-graduate in 2014 as a pre-sales support engineer in Yizumi IMM Overseas Marketing Center, dedicates to provide most cost-effective machine project solution to overseas customers. He used to participate in complex machine project R & D for K-class customer such as PO, Eurostyle in France, and succeeded in managing many important overseas exhibitions. Additionally, with his sufficient experience and clear comprehension on IMM industry, he has built up great relations with the overseas customers.

    • Sai Viswanath Yandamuri

      Project Engineer for Polymer Processing, YIZUMI Germany GmbH

      Sai Viswanath Yandamuri

      Project Engineer for Polymer Processing, YIZUMI Germany GmbH

      Sai Viswanath Yandamuri studied Mechanical Engineering in India until April 2012 and graduated his Master of Science in Polymer technology at Hochschule Aalen, Germany. He started his career in GK Concept GmbH, Dresden as Process and development Engineer. He works in developing a plastic part from initial idea to end of serial production. He also involved in developing technologies like FoamPro, DecoPro & ReactPro for the Yizumi Injection Molding Machine. He extended his support in New Materials and Processes Test Center of Yizumi, China for almost 3 years. From 1st July 2020, he started his new position in Yizumi Germany GmbH as Project engineer for Polymer Processing. He is responsible for developing the combination technologies in Injection molding.



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    • DAY5


    Beijing local time


    Press conference


    Beijing local time


    Visit factories online


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    Online Introduction of Exhibition Machine  


    Beijing local time


    Electric Injection Molding Machine Application Advantages in IMD Process

    Beijing local time


    DirectPro – Long Fiber Direct Injection Molding

    Beijing local time


    Industrial Pellet 3D Printing

    Beijing local time


    Application of Multi-component Molding Under Small-batch and Multi-variety Production Mode

    Beijing local time


    Application of Chemical Foaming in the Injection Molding Industry

    Beijing local time


    Application of UN4000DP in Auto Parts, Logistics, and Eco-friendly Building Material Industries

    Beijing local time


    ReactPro High Quality Surfaces in a Single Production Step

    Beijing local time


    Auto Bumper Integrated Automation Solution

    Beijing local time


    Microcellular Foaming Technology on the Costs



    Online Technology Seminar


    • YIZUMI Online Open Week-Wujiang Application & Innovation Experience Zone

    • YIZUMI Online Open Week-Customers Visit YIZUMI Wujiang Factory





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