Local die casting machine brands in China have made significant improvements in recent years. The trend of digital transformation, lightweight, new energy, 5G brings new demand.YIZUMI sees the market trends and customer requirements, and is committed to providing global customers with cutting-edge die-casting solutions with a high return on investment. Cooperating with the top European technical team, we are pleased to present to you our new technology development. The LEAP Die Casting Machine featuring state of the art casting performance.

    On July 6, let us witness the 2021 YIZUMI LEAP series die casting machine product launch. And the CHINADIACASTING 2021 exhibition will be held on July 7th -9th, 2021 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Welcome to YIZUMI’s booth: Hall E7-A21 Click “Online Exhibition Tour”

    • DAY1


    • Lift the veil! LEAP IS HERE!

    • 【Highlights】YIZUMI LEAP Series Die Casting Machine Product Launch Replay


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