Congrats! Yi-MES Was Selected as One of Outstanding Industrial Internet APP Solutions by MIIT


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently announced the list of 2021 Outstanding Industrial Internet APP Solutions. Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (YIZUMI) was on the list.

Yi-MES (YIZUMI Manufactory Execution System) is an intelligent production management APP for injection molding and independently developed by YIZUMI.

Yi MES is an intelligent system developed based on Yi+ platform (YIZUMI Intelligent Equipment Industry Internet Platform). Combining with IoT, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Big Data, AI and other new-generation ICT technologies, it provides the most cost-effective injection molding intelligent manufacturing solutions to solve a series of pain points that injection molding enterprises face, such as low efficiency, a poor ability to manage anomaly response, Data Island, manual reporting, low data accuracy, and poor data analysis ability. Its main functions include production planning management, production operation management, equipment management, quality detection, production monitoring, quality management, energy management, failure detection, warning analysis, etc.

The system adopts flexible hardware and cloud service infrastructure, accessible for host devices, communication protocol and auxiliaries reduce the operation cost, realize quick application. Cloud management can help customers control all equipment, reduce the operation cost, and realize quick application.

The project has been started from the beginning of 2020 and applied to electricity, 3C, 5G, auto, daily necessities packaging, household appliances, rail transit and other fields, providing customers with cost-effective digital factory solutions. Customer applications have shown the Yi-MES could realize the following values: 100% traceability of product quality, 100% management of order progress; Abnormal response speed increased by 30%, machine utilization rate increased by 10%, production efficiency increased by over 10%; Energy consumption is greatly optimized.

Applying Effects of Yi-MES:

Professional digital factory solutions cover the whole production process.

Order Management Process: entire production control is driven by orders, data are real-time and accurate.

It enables you to have standards before production, control during production, and full-  process product tracing after production to prevent and remove defect products.

Production Management Process: It enables full-process management during production, transparent process, data tracing.

*All data on the above page are from customer factory measurement.

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